Trent messaged me a few weeks ago and asked if he and his brothers could ride up from Sydney and be part of the "Carl's Garage" series.

Well today that happened.  They arrived mid morning, chilled to the bone, we did coffee and then we created some really cool images together....

You could not get three more different bikes nor riders.

Each bike looked amazing in my garage and all for different reasons.  I really enjoyed creating these images for you fellas...thanks for doing the miles to come and work with me!

"Carl's Garage" - We are up and running again!

the adventure continues...

The story continues on

The Shoots Archive #3

Got a message from Michael a short while ago and he asked if he could come over on his Honda to be part of the "Carl's Garage" series.

I didn't know what he rode and I was very happy when this slick grey weapon of a bike took it's place in my garage.... It looked amazing.

Michael is not a grey nomad who has taken to bike riding in his retirement....Michael is a biker through and through and has ridden since his youth... the list of bikes he has owned is both extensive and impressive...

"Carl's Garage" - just because!

On the Eighth Day, God said "Bugger it, I am going to build a motorcycleand it is going to be shit hot" and this is what he created!

A 2016 MV Augusta Lewis Hamilton Edition Dragster!

Craig rode up my drive and I was not really prepared for the awesomeness of this magnificent Italian masterpiece!

My first words to him were..... " I cannot look at you yet, as I have to take this in"

On bended knee, I breathed this motorcycle in, wheels spoked in a crazy offset fashion, carbon fibre everywhere, every line an angle rather than a curve.... it was almost too much for me to handle and I had to look away and greet Craig.

Less than a dozen in Australia and I had this machine in front of me!

I don't shoot wheels....... I shot both of it's wheels.... I shall say no more

I first met John when he wandered in to my marquee at the farmers market, where I was selling my t-shirts and prints..... Instant friendship!

I like good people and John is good people.

Today I got to photograph John and his beautiful wife Sue, in my Carl's Garage series of images and we had a great time......stories shared, memories retold and great images created.... all boxes ticked

Thank you brother for wanting to be part of this series that one day will become a beautiful book of Australian Bikers.... so cool - I love my job!

"Carl's Garage" - there can be only one!

When Craig brought God’s creation to me the other day.....the Lewis Hamilton MV Augusta, my whiskers curled and the world was a better place.

Late yesterday afternoon, I heard a distant rumble and I knew the Devil was at play.

When Ed rode down my street, the subsonic vibrations of this hellish machine, shook the walls of Wallyworld #14, I could feel it in my waters! He turned into my drive and a huge smile crept across my whiskery dial. 800cc laughed the be 2500 of them!

I threw my leg over the machine to move it into place, shocked to feel how light it was.

Ed smiled and asked if I wanted to have a ride.I think I said something like... “ not yet brother let’s do the work then I will play” but my brain had me drifting this beast, painting black lines of melted rubber.

We shot and then we played but that is another story to be continued... Carl

When Connor rode up my drive on his KTM was quite a sight....Connor is 6'5" and the Superduke is one of the tallest bikes on the planet!

This bike is a weapon of mass distraction and serious misbehaviour!!!

180 freaking horsepower in a 180kg motorcycle!!!

Built..... to wheel stand!

When I was Connor's age, I was drifting my fuel injected 1100 kawasaki, before drifting was a done thing!.. it's wicked power delivery of 130bhp made it the fastest production bike on the planet and the easiest of all super bikes to do batshit crazy wheelstands on... that was 1981.

Nearly 40 years later, here is this tall larakin in my studio on this wicked wicked motorcycle and it felt a little Twilight Zone-ish ..... Connor rides hard and he rides often and he throws this bike around like a maniac. Would I love to own a KTM Superduke?

Hell yes!

Would I behave......Hell no!

Best I not buy one then hey!

"Carl's Garage" - when the front wheels smokes as it returns to the tarmac!

Craig stuck some warm gear on and rode here to my studio today, to be part of the "Carl's Garage" series.

I love it when a bike sits nicely into my garage and this bike ticked that lines and great colour

"Carl's Garage" - make it happen!

When Tim and Phil arrived for their shoot, I greeted them in the driveway with a hug and I was surprised when my hands met a wiggly fur ball on Phil's back!

Amazon is a hardcore biker dog and she does the miles, no helmet, no sunglasses, no problems!

She was an absolute star and the fellas tried hard to match her swag.

I started with Tim's Boulevard and this has to be the biggest cruiser to date, that I have shot, damn this bike is big! .....with such cool lines and a deep deep rumble.

and then....there was Phil's BMW.... oh my lordy me

I thought the Boulevard was big! We had to let the air traffic control and local highway patrol know that Phil was coming to my studio!

This six cylinder hyper speed space machine was so beautifully built, such clean lines and beautiful textures and finishes as only BMW can do... very cool motorcycle!

Phil told me he wasn't sure about having a photoshoot as a birthday present but he loved every moment of it.

Thanks fellas for coming along to be part of this series of images and thanks Kristy for making it happen.

"Carl's Garage" - two legs or four, you're all welcome

When Dan rode up my driveway, his VStar looked the bomb. It's bright colour scheme really popped in my grungey old garage scene!

As a young man...the first thing I did to all of my motorcycles was to customise them, to make them my own....which I still do to this day. Dan has just proudly put his stamp on this bike and it is uniquely his motorcycle!

That is one of the very cool things about motorbikes.

Thanks Dan, for wanting in on this cool series of images brother

"Carl's Garage" - where you can go your own way

One of the really cool things about shooting this series of images, is meeting so many people.... good people like Mick. He rode his Boulevard up and into my studio and it put a huge smile on my face.What an awesome machine this is!

Very cool lines and everything on a scale that looked mad in my garage. Thanks Mick for wanting to do this brother. Top blokes like yourself make my job a real pleasure

"Carl's Garage" - big loud bikes rock!...... so do little quiet ones!

Darryl loves his grandkids, so much so, they got to design stickers for his new ride. He also loves his country and his rum.

Darryl is the sort of bloke that will put his hand up to help people whenever they are in need.


photographed his Royal Enfield a while ago and today he rolled up on his Spyder, the very first one that I have shot.....damn this thing was cool.

"Carl's Garage" - two wheels or even three, all are welcome

As I have said before.....the people I am shooting in this series of images are as cool as the bikes they ride.

Allison and Tony rolled on up to my digs yesterday on his immaculate ride. Tony is of the same vintage as me and has ridden his entire life, so there was a hell of a lot of bike talk in between the images we created.

As a kawasaki rider I and obliged to rubbish his past choice of super bikes........ bloody suzuki but I have to quietly admit, that he has owned some very cool bikes in his time....but don't tell him I said that! His Street Glide is a beautiful machine and looked amazing in my garage.

Thanks guys for wanting to be photographed in my humble garage...the pleasure was truly mine!

"Carl's Garage" - Ride for Life

Corey rode up and into my garage today, on this wicked breakout, I heard him coming from 3 suburbs away!

Damn this thing sounds good.

Corey has ridden his entire life, he still even has his first honda minibike! A lifetime on bikes gives him street cred that I admire.... nothing to prove and everything to enjoy!

When he sat on his bike and looked across to my camera, it put a huge smile on my face.....This big bear of a man was born to ride Harleys....

We talked, we laughed and we created cool images and then off he roared into the late afternoon light.

Thanks for wanting to come and get some cool pics taken brother.

"Carl's Garage" - just add fuel and fire

Peter had tonight organised, to come and get some shots done, but when the skies cleared last night, he messaged me to ask if he could come down for a run..... I was one bourbon into my relax time and said.....Hell yes let's do it.....

I swear it was only 15 minutes later he arrived on his wicked green machine, although even on one bourbon, my sense of time goes out the window!

Peter got this bike for a bargain and has set about making it his own and it looked the bomb in my garage... Love this colour.... very cool.

Thanks mate for picking the gap in the rain clouds and for wanting to be shot in this series.

"Carl's Garage" - slip the clutch and light her up

Wayne tried to get down for a shoot a while ago, but the weather turned to with fingers crossed, we spoke again yesterday, about getting his bike and Alan's, down for a shoot...... and the weather gods smiled at us!

When these two glorious Indians, pulled in to my driveway, my heart rate jumped and a huge smile crept across my face..... these bikes are stunning and I couldn't wait to start shooting them.

Wayne's classically styled Indian looked sensational in my old school garage and it's red paint really popped.. these are big bikes.... I was so glad I made my set wider for the Spyder I shot the other day... I needed the space to make these images happen!

Alan's brand new beast was another stunning bike to shoot.... Indians make such beautiful motorcycles.... the attention to detail and the quality of finishes is second to none.

Then came the challenge of getting the both of them in the same shot!..... Nailed it

Very happy indeed

Thanks fellas for wanting to be part of this series.

"Carl's Garage" - where metal shines and paint sparkles

Darren rang a few weeks back and asked if he could come over to get some shots of his bike. I said "yeah no worries mate, lets do this"...... Sometimes I ask what a person rides sometimes I like to be surprised!

Well, today it was the latter for I heard this cackling banshee of an engine roar towards my studio and I had no idea what was coming.......

Then when he pulled into sight..... I still had no idea what I was even looking at!

Friends....this is "Misconception"

Darren does not do anything by halves...he rides choppers in the sand dunes and he builds bikes like this one..... they don't really fall in to any category.....some will love them some will hate them but you can be guaranteed you will not see another like them.....anywhere in the world!

(Thank god I can hear some of you saying! )

Me, I think it is cool and I applaud the madness of it!

"Carl's Garage" - Why Not!

Anthony gave me a call a while back and asked if he could come up for a visit with his brother Benny and get some shots of their bikes in my garage. I heard them coming from a few suburbs away! Benny’s supercharged weapon shook the walls of my studio when he arrived!

I love customised bikes...... here were two very unique bikes not unlike the men that rode them.

Anthony’s seat was covered in a Flanno!!!!  I love that.... you dont get any more Aussie than a Flanno shirt!

Very cool.

Benny smiled at me when he saw how enthusiastic I was about his supercharged bike and asked if I wanted to do a lap on it.

Right at that point, time stood still as the last words were leaving his lips, I had pulled on a helmet and was throwing a leg over with great anticipation...... I have ridden many Harleys, but never a supercharged one.

I let it warm up and then sucked half of my colorbond fence into the supercharger when I gave it a rev!!!!!!

I have ridden powerful bikes but this one..... oh dear me.... this one lengthened my already long arms, curled my whiskers and I think I even let out a blood curdling scream of excitement when I twisted the throttle and hung the f#ck on.....

what a rush

Boys, I really enjoyed our time together today, I was honoured to be offered the ride and thank you for creating such cool images with me

“Carl’s Garage” - Twist the throttle and hang on!

Paul has followed my "Carl's Garage" series for some time now. He was very surprised when his daughter said " Here you go Dad, stop thinking about it and go do it and gave him a gift voucher for a shoot with me...... Coolest daughter ever I reckon!

He rolled on in on his Harley today and we had a great time sharing bike and life stories and creating cool images together. Paul has ridden for a long time on some very cool bikes. He loves his Dyna and gets out on her as often as he can.

"Carl's Garage" - why not!

Robyn contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would shoot Brett's bike for his 50th Birthday.

She's a keeper that one brother!

Well today Brett rolled up on his CVO and it looked sensational in my garage.

You know when you meet people and you are instantly at ease with them.....these good people tick that box. It was such a pleasure to create these images for them.

Brett asked if I wanted to have a blast on his bike while he had a durrie and in a flash I was helmeted up and off down the road..... what a sweet sweet bike this is to ride... comfortable, powerful and with a very cool note. Thank you brother

"Carl's Garage" - Vroom Vroom

Donna called me a few months ago and asked if I could photograph her man and his ride, for his 60th. She wanted it to be a surprise, that she also invited his son and his beautiful family!

We started shooting and an hour into the session, there was the sound of another Harley arriving.... Playing along, I said it must be one of my friends and went outside to send his family in....

I love surprises and I love group shots...very cool indeed

"Carl's Garage" - Family matters

I first met Luke a while ago, when he came along to my studio, when three brothers rode up from Sydney for a shoot.... he had just bought this wicked Vrod from one of them and I took some pics of him and the bike.

The previous owner wanted some shots before Luke took ownership. Yesterday he returned to my studio with his beautiful family..... three very cool kids and his lovely wife. We had such a good time shooting together....lots of laughs.

Here be some more shots of his mad bike..... he has some awesome plans for it....

I have to admit though.... I love it just the way it is!!!!!

When Kerry called me, I knew a new record for longest distance travelled, was about to be broken.

Ballarat no less.... I was impressed!

12 hours riding to be part of the "Carl's garage" series..... so cool!

Kerry has ridden all her life, from a homemade minibike as a child, to her current and beautiful Street Twin, with lots of cool bikes in between..... Respect!

Thanks for doing the miles sister!

You Rock!

Glen rang me two days ago and asked if he could come on over with his son Mitchell, for some shots in my garage. We had a great time together, creating cool images like the ones I have shared here.

This bike!.....

I had not seen nor sat on one of these machines.....

At last, someone has built a "Carl Size" motorcycle!

I am big lanky fella and this Kawasaki was the most comfortable machine I had ever thrown a leg over. A lower back injury prevents me from riding feet forward, so when I sat on this bike, legs effortlessly tucked into the scalloped out form, of tank and engine..... trumpets sounded and angels sung!!!!!

Add to this 130hp, anti this and auto that, adaptive thingamajigs and self healing paint...... this is one hell of a motorcycle.

Thanks Glen and Mitchell for coming over yesterday... it was a great shoot.

"Carl's Garage" - costs less than 4 litres of good synthetic oil!

Kevin gave me a call and asked if he could bring his bikes around for a shoot.My afternoon was free so we made it happen!

As he reversed into my driveway with his trailer, a huge smile crept across my face when I saw the motorcycles I was about to photograph... Very cool!

Kevin rescued this TLR and brought it back to beautiful condition. He's very proud of this build and he rides this bike hard.

Next we shot his R1... when I threw my leg over it to move it around, I was blown away by how light this motorcycle is... No wonder they go so bloody quickly!

I love how these bikes sit in to my old school garage... with there great lines and high performance attitude.

As I type this comment Kevin is on one of these bikes out there tearing it up with his brothers on a winding road somewhere today.

“Carl’s Garage” - Twist the throttle and hang on!

Through a friend of a friend of a friend..... I met Erik Soetens.  At first it was only on social media and then one fine day, when I was returning from a favourite mountain pass, a bright green flash moving at sonic speed, came in to view behind me and in the blink of an eye, was beside me... I could see Erik smiling and over the sound of our two Kawasakis, he called out his name and told me to pull over.

I greeted him with a hug, as I do with everybody and we talked about our bikes briefly, then he asked if I wanted to jump onto his ELR and take it for a blast!!!

I felt quite privileged as this beautiful and powerful machine, a bike that Erik has customised in a very specific way to suit his riding style and needs, was now in my hot little hands, idling away, wanting me to twist the throttle and hang on!

But that my friends, is another story that I will share at another time... Erik is a good man and a very very helpful man with a massive amount of knowledge and experience with our beloved Kawasakis. When he talks about bikes, it is with great passion and you see a spark in his eye!

I asked him to bring this amazing motorcycle up to my studio, so that I could take some great photographs of it. I knew that it's wicked paint job would look sensational in my garage and it did not disappoint!

This bike is tall and it felt like a “Carl size” bike underneath me... and not many bikes do.

Just know that this machine goes hard... I mean, really hard!

Erik has built another very special motorcycle that I want to photograph as well and I hope to get it here into my studio soon. Stay tuned for that one friends..... It’s a doozy!

Thanks for coming up for a ride today brother..... humbly


“Carl’s Garage” - Ride Hard Ride Often

Kris rang me up and asked if he could come and get some shots of his Street 500... in September he will get his full license and sitting locked up safely at home is a brand-new Harley-Davidson, just waiting for the day to arrive when he can legally hop off the street 500 and on to his dream machine...

I don't know about you guys but this is taking extreme willpower to new limits... respect!

Thanks brother for want me to take photos of this very cool bike and I will look forward to photographing your big beast in September.

“Carl’s Garage” - making memories that last

I had a fantastic shoot today with Sean and his father Les.

We shared stories, laughed and talked about our past adventures, for the few short hours they were here... it was a good shoot.

Les has worked in many of the places that I terrorised as a young hooligan and we had quite a few tales to share between us.

Thank you Sean for bringing your dad to my humble studio and for following and enjoying my work. You guys are very welcome here... I like good people.

Even between father and son there was a brand rivalry and that was quite funny to witness... Boys will be boys.

“Carl’s Garage” - where all brands are special!

What a hectic couple of days it has been my friends... I got to take my new bike for its maiden voyage and it was unbelievable and I am very happy with the purchase. Then either side of that I got to photograph and work with some very cool people.

Rat and Shell turned into my driveway and it put a huge smile on my face,when I saw this wicked Harley Davidson and it's artwork. This thing is electric to look at up close and personal.

There is something really nice about this particular motorcycle and that is the amount that it is ridden.... It may be covered in airbrush artwork and customised, but this bike does serious miles, I mean like really serious miles!

Much respect for that!

Thank you friends for bringing this stunning motorcycle to my garage... You guys rock!

“Carl’s Garage” - Hell yes!

Ian gave me a call and asked if I could take some pics of one of his recent projects... A Heath Ledger themed Harley Davidson.

Many many years ago, I airbrush illustrated and when the Mac computer came along, I stopped painting and there began my love affair with the digital imaging.

Painting with an airbrush is quite a skill and I am a fussy bastard.... But I was not quite prepared for the quality of this man's work, when this bike stood before me... Ian has a gift and I was blown away by the level of detail, the use of colour and the varied techniques utilised to create this beautiful artwork for this motorcycle.

Spud went to Ian and he asked him to paint his motorcycle for him..... The brief... two words, Heath Ledger ...That was it, that was all the direction that Ian was given.

What came of this is the images that you see here.

Anyone considering artwork for their bikes needs to look this guy up.

This was quite an extensive shoot as Ian wanted me to capture detailed images of each panel of art for future magazine work and the shoot went by very quickly, as both of these men are good communicators and we had a blast, sharing stories about our adventures.

My wife said that all she could hear was laughing coming from studio! Thank you Ian and Spud, it was real pleasure to meet you both, but most importantly.... to view your stunning airbrushing skills... you are a very talented artist indeed.

Sadly they rode off and I did not get a pic of Ian, but I think our paths will cross again

“Carl’s Garage” - I like pandas

It is a very small world that we live in and Bobcat and I have quite a few mutual friends. Good people and good memories were spoken about during this shoot.

Bobcat and his beautiful wife Jane, rolled in on this stunning Heritage Softail... a bike that has done over 140,000 km and still on the original engine, with nothing other than good maintenance and respect, keeping this fine machine running.

Jane contacted me a few months ago and asked if she could buy a gift voucher to surprise Bobcat for his birthday and once he got to see the images that we were creating together, he couldn't stop thanking her for such a beautiful present, a thoughtful present.

This made me really happy to see, that something that I was doing for someone was so well received.

Bobcat and Jane do the miles, I mean they seriously do the miles!

You guys Rock!

It was fun and I hope our paths cross again one day

“Carl’s Garage” - where respect is earned in miles ridden


Doc contacted me and asked if he could come along and be part of this series. I have not shot a Victory before, so when I saw that he rode one, I was very keen to get his bike here and see how it looked in my garage...

I was not disappointed, this is a very cool bike.

Doc and Lynell are another pair of hard-core motorcycle riders, like the previous couple I shot... this bike has done a ridiculous number of kilometres and just keeps going strong.

Thank you brother for coming on over today and wanting to be photographed in my garage... the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and your bike was running very sweetly...

Life hey... What an adventure!

“Carl’s Garage” - if it has less than 4 wheels it is welcome here

Today, I got to photograph Axe and his beautiful Road King.  His bike looked amazing in my garage.

Axe, is a survivor... and his story is a beauty.

Meeting people like this, creating this series of images, is a real bonus. We talked bikes, life and shared adventures and created cool images along the way, like the ones I have shared here.

His partner Alison organised this shoot and rides a beautiful bike herself. Thank you for travelling up here today from the coast to work with me. It was a great shoot and your bike looked bloody awesome in my garage. It has some serious miles on it and I respect that.

“Carl’s Garage” - Ridden not Hidden

Tony and Robyn have followed my work for quite some time now. So it was a lovely surprise when Tony contacted me and asked if I would photograph both of them on their new rides.

When they rode into my property and I got to see their motorcycles for the first time, I thought they were both on brand-new motorcycles and was very surprised to find out, that they were not.

Two stunning Triumphs, completely different to each other, both looking equally impressive in my garage.

Thank you friends for completing the circle.....for first loving my work then following through and becoming part of it.  I humbly appreciate it

“Carl’s Garage" - where all nationalities are welcome

Adam gave me a call and asked if he and his brother Grant, could travel up to my studio for some shots.

Damn straight was my reply... let's do this!

Blessed with perfect weather, they arrived here almost an hour early, as they were both very keen to make this happen.

Quite often I will troll people to see what they are riding before they arrive, but in this case I didn't and when I heard them coming from nearly 3 suburbs away, I thought that their bikes were going to be something pretty special... I was not disappointed!

These fellas have ridden since childhood... growing up on acreage with mini bikes and fresh air, it was there, that their passion for motorcycles began.

I don't know about you out there friends, but there is something really cool about people from the country... There is an honesty and I like that, I respect that.

These two beautiful Harley Davidsons were as unique as each of the brothers and both of them looked sensational in my garage. They have the coolest lines and angles and I love photographing them.

We laughed, shared stories and created really cool images today... It was a great shoot indeed

Thank you brothers for doing the miles and coming to my studio... I like good people and you guys tick that box.

“Carl’s Garage” - Have you got what it takes?

My brother Boris is an interesting creature... he has such a wonderful grasp on the English language and uses it to bludgeon people with. Both his riding and his writing style are uniquely his. I often use the phrase, “twist the throttle and hang on”..... Boris does this, on both wet and dry roads on a daily basis.... twisting LIFE by the throttle!

Boris has a very cool job, large organisations give him exotic motorcycles, he rides them hard and then gives his brutally honest opinion of how they look, perform and handle... Second only to me, he has the coolest job in the world I believe.

Just recently he posted up a picture of this evil piece of machinery... The Katana!

Upgraded by motorcycle legend....the Phil Tainton, this is a very special machine indeed.

It is not my evil nemesis from the 1980s but this stunning piece of engineering that you see in the images I am sharing. Being a Kawasaki rider I was obliged to disrespect this motorcycle upon its arrival... “Bloody Suzuki!” I said with a smile on my face... And that is where the criticism ended, as this wickedly powerful, dangerously light and beautifully designed motorcycle, would almost turn me and that is saying something.

Did I enjoy photographing this bike...... Hell yes!

Would I ride this a heartbeat!

“Carl’s Garage” - not for the faint hearted

Phil came around last night for a shoot in my garage, on this stunning Fatboy.  It reminded me of the very first time I photographed one of these beautiful machines. They had just arrived and a fellow that I knew, bought one of the first ones in the country... it had Willie G’s signature on the rear mudguard from memory.

I was living in a 100 year old warehouse in the main Street of Newcastle, a fantastic studio... Wallyworld #9, a very creative place indeed. Steve rode the bike over and left me the keys and said he would be back the next day. With my brother Tom by my side, we carted in over a tonne of soil from the railway track behind my studio and formed it up around this beautiful machine like a small landscape. Into the valleys we crushed up jiffy firestarters and I set up my large format camera, ready to capture something special.

This was before Photoshop and digital cameras and the camera that I was shooting on, used 4 x 5" sheets of film... The quality was insane. The plan was to turn off the studio lights and set the firestarters alight and surround the Fatboy with fire.

The firestarters ignited quite quickly and the studio filled with a thick white acrid smoke, I quickly took one frame of film as the flames came very close to this pristine motorcycle and turned to Tom and said... I think one frame will do brother .  I had not told Steve of our plans for his beautiful motorcycle and when he came around the next day to collect it, I had already cleaned up the fiery landscape.

The image was developed and the one singular photograph that I took .... was sensational!

When we showed Steve he was blown away and wondered how I got the flames in to the image

Trade secret

Fast forward several decades and here I was with another Fatboy at my disposal!  This beautiful machine looked amazing in my garage and even though part of me wanted to set it on fire... the other part was so very happy with how cool it looked, with its gloss black and chrome styling.

These are beautiful motorcycles and Phil has kept this one immaculate and it is his pride and joy and rightly so.

Thank you brother for coming around and wanting to be part of this series of images.

“Carl’s Garage” - enter at your own risk!

Rat asked if he could bring his cool old Shovelhead down for a photo shoot.  This bike is just plain cool!

And so is Rat!

A great friend, that has helped me find some of the coolest props to add to my garage sets… Thank you so much brother you are a good man and a good friend.

Classics like this just look sensational in my old garage.

Jimmy gave me a call and asked if he could come up today, as he had just sold his bike and wanted some images of it, before it went to the new owner.

I looked at the Bureau of Meteorology Radar and told him that we might have a small window of opportunity, before the rains come through... Jimmy said let's do this and he jumped on his bike and headed north...

Ye though I walked in the valley of the shadow of death... I fear no rain as I am going to Carl’s Garage!

Not at all daunted by the weather front moving south, Jimmy set off towards my place at speed, to make this happen...

Respect brother!

He arrived just minutes before the rains came and so we began.  I have shot quite a few of these motorcycles.... but none like this one. This one was uniquely Jimmy’s.

His almost Rat styling and choices made, have created a very cool motorcycle indeed and I knew it was going to look special in my garage today... and I was not disappointed.

Thank you my brother, for challenging the weather gods and riding forward into the storm... you did good.

“Carl’s Garage” - when the Gods are put in their place by a man and his motorcycle!

A good friend of mine called Ash, came around to visit and asked if I would photograph his friend Tony’s Harley for him, as a thank you present... I said no worries at all mate just send him around and I will look after him. Tony lives very close to me... in fact, when he fired up his Harley, I heard it start-up, as he only lives 3 houses from my place.

When he rode up my driveway on this beautiful new Fatboy, I knew that we were just about to create some really cool images together and I was not disappointed.

Tony you take out the "Shortest distance travelled award"... great work brother!

“Carl’s Garage” - Hell yeah baby

Greg rang me up and asked if I could photograph both he and his son’s motorcycles for them. I knew Greg had a classic Kawasaki but I wasn't sure what Jaysson rode, until I heard his Vrod come rumbling along the road.

I love the wonderful contrast between both motorcycles and riders... There is a 40 year age difference between the motorcycles and a 30 year age difference between the men...

Very cool could not get two more contrasting people or bikes, right there in front of me.

I set about capturing individual images of them and then combined them in a wider shot... I really love creating these images and so much so that I even jumped in on one of them, because it was such a cool shot and I had to be in it as well.

Thank you Greg, I really enjoyed creating these images for you fellas today.... it is very cool present to give your son for his birthday.

“Carl’s Garage” - where sometimes I just have to get involved