Brian has been to my studio a few times now with some absolutely amazing motorcycles and he rang me up and asked if he could bring two more very special ones down to be photographed... I didn’t ask what they were, as I wanted to be surprised.

You can imagine the smile on my face when I saw his ute reversing up my driveway towards the studio, with these two classic Harley Davidsons on board.

With Steppenwolf playing “Born to be Wild” on the stereo we set to task.  I struggled to pick a favourite, as the little one was so cool with its raked front end and ape hangers, but I think I liked the bigger bike as I remember seeing an advertisement for one of these, in a 1970s Playboy magazine...

Here were two Harleys made in Italy by a bowling ball company... so cool on every level!

I laughed when I saw that the previous owner had scratched out the word Italy from the sticker on the rear fender as he or she was in complete denial.....

Thank you brother for bringing me these ultracool motorcycles to photograph.

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway

Lookin' for adventure

And whatever comes our way

“Carl’s Garage” - doesn’t get any cooler than this

enjoy the read...

The story continues on

The Shoots Archive #4

Leanne contacted me a while ago and asked if her and Mick, could visit and get some cool photos taken. We locked in a date and today we made it happen.

You know when you meet some people and you instantly feel at ease with them... That is exactly what happened today, with these two fine humans... the shoot went by really quickly and we laughed and shared stories and created cool images together.

The pride in Leanne's face when she stood by her softtail was really obvious... This is a beautiful machine and it is hers and she rides it hard and often... These guys do serious miles, which is something I have great respect for.

When I photographed Mick’s bike, I was taken aback by the paint work, the tribal striping and deep glossy metallic, looked sensational in my garage, under the lights.

Both Leanne and Mick have followed my work for sometime and as I spoke of past shoots, they both knew of the images that I was talking about. It is really rewarding when I get to meet up with people that are fans of my work. I get to feed off their positive energy and excitement and that is a really cool thing indeed.

I love creating great images for people and it is a real bonus when they are such lovely people as Leanne and Mick.

They left here and headed north for a weekend getaway, doing the miles and wearing the smiles... very cool

“Carl’s Garage” - get on your bike and ride!

I had a fantastic shoot today with Therese and Rod. They have followed my photography for some time now and it is really nice to finally meet the people, that enjoy what I share and to create images for them.

I had absolutely no idea what they rode, as I had not trolled them beforehand. So it was with great pleasure, when I saw them roll up, on these two, very contrasting motorcycles.

I started with Rod’s Ducati and when I threw my leg over this Italian pure bred, it was of no surprise that it felt so light beneath me. A tall, lightweight and beautifully designed motorcycle, as most Ducatis are. It looked absolutely sensational in my old school workshop with its glowing paintwork and race track lines.

We rolled Therese’s Victory into place next... These big sleek and beautifulmotorcycles, are such a great piece of design. It kind of dominated my garage, with its long wheelbase and imposing lines... I really enjoyed shooting this bike and when Therese sat on it, it just looked right. She wasn't sure why she picked the Victory when she bought it, but when I saw her on the bike, this was a great match. A strong confident woman with a statement motorcycle... Very cool indeed!

These were both very special motorcycles in their own right and for completely different reasons. That is one of the things that I love about creating this series of images. Even though I am a Kawasaki man and have been since my youth.... I appreciate every motorcycle that stands before me. Each one as unique as the person that rides in on them.

Thank you friends, for making this happen today, I enjoyed sharing stories with you and creating cool images together.

“Carl’s Garage” - 50 shades of cool

Shane sent me a message last night and asked, if on short notice, he could come across today and get some photos taken...“Too easy” was my reply.

I heard his bike from about three suburbs away, as it came in to land... this machine shook the walls of my studio violently... very cool indeed.

A local lad with a long history on motorcycles, meant that we both had some good stories to share and have a laugh about.

I particularly like the understated paintwork on this Street Glide... it is awesome when you see it up close and personal.

This bike is ridden hard and often, but it is also cared for....that ticks a lot of boxes for me.  Thanks Shane for coming around today mate... it was nice to meet you brother!

“Carl’s Garage” - Life....what a great adventure

Danny gave me a call and asked if I could take some photographs of his father and his son... Three generations of Bede men.

This was a great shoot and I really enjoyed listening to Nev’s stories from a long, long time ago.  Motorcycles played a large part in his life, so it was great for him to don a leather jacket and be photographed in my garage.

We had a lots of fun creating these images and there was plenty of laughter along the way.

Thanks Danny. Portraiture like this, is not something that I have done for a very long time...decades even.  You ran with every idea I threw out to you and came along to the shoot with great ideas yourself. It was lovely watching your Dad get right into this and have a laugh along the way.

Three Bede men, all bearded and proud. This was a great shoot!

“Carl’s Garage” - tell anybody I shot a family portrait and I will deny it!

Chris messaged me and asked if he could travel up the coast, to come and work with me today. We set a day and time in place and up he road. I knew that it was Chris +1, but I did not know that the other person was Taryn, nor did I know what she was going to ride in on.

Both Chris and Taryn have been following my work for sometime now and as they rode into my driveway, I could see Taryn’s eyes through her full face helmet and it was a lovely surprise.

It is wonderful to meet up with people, that have been so supportive of my photography and this series of images... It is very special for me!

Add to this, that they were both riding classic Kawasakis... another box ticked for me, being a Kawasaki man through to the core. These guys ride long distances, they got up at 5 AM this morning and rode five hours to my studio for this shoot. It was a good three hours into the journey, before they actually defrosted enough to be able to feel their hands, as it was a very chilly start to the day.

It is great to see bikes like this, still being appreciated, maintained and ridden. The patina on these bikes was perfect for my garage... these are not pretty bikes, these are very real motorcycles.

One of the challenges of the day, was to take a photograph of Taryn, without a huge smile on her face, as she was very excited about being here in the studio with me today. There was a lovely positive energy, right through the whole shoot and it went by really quickly.

Thank you friends for travelling so far to come and work with me and thank you for always being so supportive of everything that I share.

I am very envious of the fact, that you are at the beginning of seven days in the saddle and I wish for you clear roads and safe travels.

“Carl’s Garage” - where old school bikes shine brightly

Cheyne gave me a call today and asked if I could take some images of his bike for him. It is funny how the universe works, as it was only this morning, just after my muesli and morning espresso, that I thought to myself... I haven't photographed very many Hondas in this series of images yet..

And what does Cheyne turn up on... A Honda!

See... you put it out there and sometimes it comes right back at you.

When I was learning to ride, we didn't have superbikes like this, we didn't have motorcycles that looked like they had just come off the race track, we didn't have ABS or traction control, our bikes were heavy and cumbersome and they handled terribly.... It is so exciting to see modern bikes and where they have come through the last few decades and Cheyne’s bike, was certainly no exception.

All too often, I see people going ridiculous speeds on the open roads, so it is refreshing to see this rider choosing to do track days. I am going to lock myself into some of these days as well. I have had them highly recommended to me, by people that I hold in high regard in this industry.

Thank you Cheyne, for bringing this very cool motorcycle to my garage and I hope you have an awesome day on the track tomorrow. Go hard and may your metal edged boots shower glowing sparks on the person riding behind you.

“Carl’s Garage” - from edge to edge

What a fantastic shoot I had today with this great family... Now I need to set things straight here, right from the get go... I don't do family portraits, so don’t ask me.... Don't ask for smiling pictures, as I will not take them... so the images you are about to view, are rather unique on several levels...

Brendan asked if I could shoot three bikes and his Family.... Too easy I said.

His soon to be brother-in-law Matt, I have known since he was a little boy, so I knew this would be a very laid back and fun afternoon. We started with Rick's shovel and what a sweet motorcycle this is... 50 years old and still fires up to life with a tickle and a kick. The stories that this motorcycle could tell would curl your whiskers. Rick looked right at home on this great old bike and it looked amazing in my garage. We laughed and shared stories, as there was much common ground between us.

Matt has been here before with his sports bike, but not with his family and it was really lovely to get some great images of him and his daughters, who came along today. It put a big smile on everybody's face, when my Spotify playlist blasted out a Wiggles session and we all “hot potato hot potatoe’d” while creating cool images along the way.

Brendan's Yamaha was a fantastic colour and I like shooting these bikes... They are such a cool machine and I am very envious of learner riders these days, that they can start off on bikes like this.

No I do not do family portraits.

Do not ask me to do them.

There were so many fantastic images created today and we were all exhausted after three solid hours of shooting, but it was a fun time and there was lots of laughter and big smiles all around.

I lined the bikes up for the final group image, the big family portrait and it was a cracker of an image. I have the coolest job in the world and when I get to work with very real people, like this family, it makes me happy.

“Carl’s Garage” - where I don’t do family portraits so DON’T ASK!

Col rang me up and told me that he had been given a gift voucher, for a shoot in my garage and asked if he could come up on Sunday afternoon.  I had just finished an epic shoot with that really cool family, but I had time to reset the studio, smash in an espresso and some food and get going again.

I didn't know what he was going to arrive on and I was very excited when he turned up on this Fatbob as I had not shot many of these before... They are very cool motorcycle indeed. They have the solid lines of a Fatboy, but a more sporty, tricked up sort of feeling to them. Col had a great run up the coast on the old road and arrived with a big smile on his face and the crease of a helmet across his forehead.

I do love these denim finished Harley Davidsons.... Matt finish paint just looks amazing and makes the chrome elements of a motorcycle really pop I kept the roller door of the studio open, so that the chrome would have that classic earthy colour and blue sky reflection in it... It helps that my house has recently been oiled not painted and it is a rich ochre colour set against a perfect blue sky.

I told Col that many years ago when I airbrush illustrated, that was how you created the illusion of chrome by showing the land versus the sky in the reflection and here I was shooting it for the real, on this beautiful bike. It was lovely to meet you brother, share stories and make cool images together.  

Once again, I need to thank everybody for being so supportive of what I share and create. The World situation was not good for my business, as I had to regroup and find a new direction, with the fitness industry closing down and to be so widely accepted within the motorcycle community for what I'm creating... Is a very special thing indeed.

Thank you friends

“Carl’s Garage” - oh dear me, my Zx14 now shoots flames

Kelly rang and asked if she and her husband, could come over for a shoot in my garage. It was to be a surprise for Matt. I like contrast and when she told me that she rode a Vespa and he rode a Harley... it made me smile big time.

We organised the shoot for an early evening session, so I had no idea what they were on, until they came into the light of my studio and when I saw Matt on his 2020 Road Glide and Kelly on her immaculate Vespa, I knew I was going to be able to create some very, very cool images this session.

I started with the road glide, this big beautiful machine was black on black on black... such a statement design!

It dominated the set with its sheer mass and imposing lines and I love how powerful it looked in my garage.

Then to really mix things up, I started working on the Vespa! Matt told me that he had taken this scooter up to 140 kmh!!!!

I told him he was crazy... Well actually I think I called him a mad bastard... lol

I love that they have retained that classic shape and styling and up close to this scooter, you can see the quality of workmanship that this company adheres too.  Once I had shot both bikes individually, I brought them together for the final images and they turned out amazing as well..

Thank you Kelly and Matt for coming along last night to my humble studio... It was a fun night and even though the shoot went for three hours, it went by really quickly.

“Carl’s Garage” - big and small, they are all cool to me

Word of mouth, is a fantastic way to generate new business ... It means that I have done a good job for someone and they are prepared to tell their friends, that it is worthwhile having a shoot with me.

Mark has several friends that have been photographed here in my garage and today we got together and created some really cool images.

You know when you meet someone and you immediately feel comfortable with them... This was the case with Mark. A no bullshit, relaxed and friendly human being... I like people like this.He rolled up my driveway on this big beautiful Road Glide and I could see that this bike had done some serious miles and the same went for Mark. I have a great deal of respect for people like this.

They don’t talk about it... They do it!

Halfway through the shoot, he opened one of the panniers and brought out a top hat with goggles... I said “hell yes! This is so freaking cool, put it on!”

The last top hat I saw on a biker, was on the head of the Undertaker in the movie Stone... So cool and so perfect for today’s shoot.

Thank you brother for wanting to stand before me... The business is humbly appreciated, as I have had to make big changes in this crazy mixed up year and fortunately for me, the direction I have chosen is a promising one.

I love creating cool images for nice people... I have the best job in the world, bar none.

“Carl’s Garage” - Have you seen his Moustache?

What is a biker? Darrell is a Biker! He eats, breathes, drinks, builds and rides motorcycles.

Not just Kawasakis..... All motorcycles!

A dear brother of mine started a Z related Facebook group a year ago and it was through this group that I met Darrell .... A passionate Z owner and builder... we immediately hit it off, as not only did we both ride beautiful Kawasakis, but we both had sensational moustaches.

And they are very powerful things indeed!

While we are talking about powerful things... This wicked blue Z1000 screams like a banshee and when we ride together, the combined sound of our four into one pipes, is truly a beautiful thing, that echoes throughout the valleys, through which we ride.

Darrell knows these bikes inside out and is constantly changing, upgrading and building new ones.

It was only last week that we went on a run, me on my fire breathing 200hp Ninja and Darrell on his Harley.... I started to pick up the speed through the corners and each time I glanced in the mirror, Darrell’s front wheel was just metres behind me... Mad bastard rides so damn hard! I got nuthin’

I asked Darrell to bring this beautiful blue Kawasaki up for a shoot and round about lunchtime, having just finished a shoot, I heard him coming in for landing, from about three suburbs away!

This is really unique build not unlike the man himself..... lol

I think these bikes look sensational with a bikini fairing on them, it completes them!

The next time you hear the screaming sound of a classic Japanese Superbike roaring up behind you, and you see a flash of chrome and a glorious mullet hanging out from underneath the helmet... you know you have just been smoked by Darrell French and his 1976 Z1000

“Carl’s Garage” - Twist the throttle and hang the f#ck on!

Jarrod came for a shoot today in my Garage, on this beautiful machine... I haven't photographed many Sport Glides and when I threw my leg over this machine to move it around, it felt lightweight and nimble for a Harley Davidson.

I can just imagine how much fun this would be to throw through a set of corners on a winding country road.

I particularly like the colour of this machine, as I knew that it would look amazing in amongst the rich tones of my garage... and it did!

Thank you brother, for wanting to come and have a shoot with me... your bike looked incredible and the shoot went very quickly. Shared stories and image making, go hand in hand and they were both flowing

“Carl’s Garage” - damn straight!

When Harley Davidson build a motorcycle like this, they are not mucking around... they unapologetically piece together big bold elements, give them amazing paint jobs and then you have a bike just like this one... a 2015 Ultra Classic limited CVO.

This is a whole lot of motorcycle and it absolutely dominated my garage with its incredible paint and imposing lines.

Bruce and Debbie do the miles, they looked very much at home on this beautiful machine and it is cared for in a fashion, that a bike like this deserves.

This shoot went by very quickly, as the stories shared and the common ground, made for a very cool atmosphere for me to be creative in.

Thank you friends for coming to my studio today, it was lovely to meet you and fun creating cool images with you.

“Carl’s Garage” - life on two wheels

I was telling someone just the other day, that I appreciate all motorcycles. Big and small, fast and slow and everything in between.

I told him that back in the 80s, after totalling a 1100 Kawasaki, in a pretty nasty accident, still needing transport, I bought a 1972 CB100. Now I want you to picture a 16 stone, 6'4" 20-year-old on a motorcycle that he weighed more than...

Having just come off a motorcycle that was deemed to be the fastest production motorcycle in the world at the time... this step back in both size and vintage was a great deal of fun.

I would fold down the pillion’s foot pegs and stand up on them, while bouncing the front end up and down to get it up on to balancing point for a wheel stand!

Back then, when I had a real job, I left the engineering firm and met up with some mates at the local bowling club. One thing led to another and accidentally three schooners of Black had entered my belly. I set off for home and when I was only two suburbs away, I slowed down, folded down the rear foot pegs and proceeded to bounce my way into a very cool wheelie.

When I drop the front wheel down, as I was approaching an intersection, the blue flashing light of a police car, came sickeningly into my rearview mirrors...

I was a goner

I went across the intersection and very quickly got off my bike and walked back to the patrol car, pulling my paper license out of my pocket and passing it through the window, before he had a chance to get out of the car. I didn't want him to smell my breath as I knew I was over the limit, well and truly.

Please, at this point in time... I do not condone drink-driving and I was young and stupid back then!

The police officer looked up at me standing there, with my helmet on, in my dirty work overalls, having just done a beautiful wheel stand in front of them and said....

“is your father Joe?”

In a very shallow breaths I responded with


He then said....

“well don't be a bloody dickhead”

He gave me back my folded paper license and I never drank and road again.

It was this motorcycle that made me realise that I could have fun on any bike.

Many decades have passed since then and I still have that same passion for motorcycles of all shapes and forms and when I saw this BMW was coming to Brisan Motorcycles, I asked if I could photograph it in my garage.

24 hour's later, a white van pulled up out the front and we slid this sensational bike down a ramp and into my studio... I think I actually heard the aluminium ramp let out a little scream of fear as the full weight of the motorcycle was upon it...

This is a big bike!

When I saw it for the first time on social media, there were lots of elements about the design, that I particularly liked. It has an almost steam punk slash Terry Gilliam slash Futurama sort of feel to it. Spoked wheels, small sprint guard on the front, a very stylised and almost debadged sort of look, with a classic cruiser shape.

BMW have come up with a very unique motorcycle and I enjoyed discovering it’s angles and lines, as a shot it last night. It is of no surprise that the build quality is of the standard that one would expect from a company like this. There is very little that I would change other than

perhaps making it louder, as it is almost silent. I am sure aftermarket exhaust systems will appear for this new machine, if they have not already.

This was the first of these bikes to arrive in my town and it is pretty cool to have it sitting here in the studio with me, as I type this post. One sunny day I will hit them up for a test run, as I imagine it would be a blast to ride.

It is really lovely when I get to meet people, that have followed and supported what I share on social media and Michael is one of those people. I was standing in my neighbours front yard, when I said to her, that I had a motorcycle about to arrive for a shoot... off in the distance we heard the rumble of thunder and we both looked up into the sky, only to realise, that the rumble was the sound of Michaels Thunderbird, turning into our street!

We had a quick laugh and I said goodbye, then guided Michael into my garage.

This is a stunning motorcycle and the combination of it’s bright metallic silver paint scheme and beautifully cared for polished alloy and chrome, made the bike almost look like it was illustrated into the photographs.... as it really stood out from my motley old garage surrounds.

I haven't shot many Triumphs, but the ones that I have, have all been quite beautiful. The attention to detail and the quality of the build of these machines, is right up there with some of the nicest bikes I photograph... Where some manufacturers would place a sticker.... Triumph will use a three-dimensional piece of polished alloy or a 3 dimensional and beautiful chrome badge. It is little things like this, that I really notice and appreciate. This is a big bike and because I am a big bloke, it felt very comfortable underneath me. Yes it is heavy at a stand still, but I can imagine that would just fade away as your speed increases and out on the open road I bet it would be like you were riding on rails.

Thank you Michael for the positive energy that you brought to my studio today and for being so excited about working with me. The session went really quickly and we created very cool images together... Even when that old bastard with the grey beard and the dirty shorts wandered into the studio and stood in a photograph with you... it still looked good....

“Carl’s Garage” - where lighting flashes and motorcycles roar

Brett and I had planned to work together a few weeks ago, but circumstances saw that shoot moved to this afternoon. He rode quite a few hours to come and work with me and he managed to get here, with only a few drops of rain on the journey, so his bike was immaculate and ready to be photographed when he arrived.

Once his helmet, gloves and jacket were off, Brett offered me a cold beer straight up... I told him that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed any more and that I had better wait till I create some cool photos first, before I indulged

The first thing I noticed was his very cool manscaping.... a few years back, when beards became the flavour of the month, I designed a range of Bearded Man Club T-shirts and they were very successful for me for quite a few years. Beards are powerful things and my young daughter even wrote a public speaking speech and told, quite proudly I might add, that my moustache was so powerful that it could change the weather.

With great whiskers comes great responsibility I learned over those years, as they are very powerful things indeed.

Brett's whiskers were a thing to behold...

Some can... some can’t

These are a very cool Harley Davidson and with the proportions of a Fatboy, but a more aggressive stance and styling, they just look like they would be a very fun motorcycle to ride. Not only did this bike look full on, but it had quite a beautiful note as well.

They still have the classic shape of a Harley, but the twin headlights and other elements of the bike, give it a modern and tricked up look.

We started on the black velvet backdrop and it made me smile, as I had a man before me in a black jacket wearing black jeans on a black motorcycle standing in front of black backdrop... Challenge accepted.

All bikes look amazing in my garage setting, but I kind of like how black bikes sit into the scene... Their shape still coming out from the shadows from under the workbench quite nicely.

"Carl's Garage" - where whiskers are respected

Yesterday was a great day, as I spent the whole day, photographing cool motorcycles and meeting fellow bikers...

Rod and Kerrie rolled into my studio today on their Softtail Slim S for a shoot. Some people just look like they are born to be on motorcycles... when I start the shoot, I capture the bike on it’s own, but when the rider walks in and sits down on the bike... it just works.

This is Rod's bike and he looked just right on it.

More often than not, people tell me that they don't really like having their photograph taken... so it is really cool when they look at the back of my camera and their faces light up with big smiles.

Thanks for coming down for a run to my studio today guys... it was a real pleasure to meet you both and to create these cool images for you

“Carl’s Garage” - Hoppin’ Hoowaaaa...the scent of a motorcycle

Waz’s kids bought a gift voucher for a shoot here in my studio and today he rode his Street Glide over to capture some cool images with me.

Some people live and breathe motorcycles, I am one of them, and after talking with Waz, I knew he was of the same breed. This bike has some serious miles on it and I have great respect for that. This is his fourth Harley and the favourite so far.

Growing up in the same town, it was very easy to share stories of similar adventures throughout our lives, we listen to some cool music and his bike looked sensational when I lit it up.

Thank you brother for being real, loving the images I created today and sharing the same passion.

I have to reset the studio now as shoot number three for the day is about to arrive.

“Carl’s Garage” - bring it on.... for tomorrow I ride :)

Jimmy has been to my studio before and he told me of his Stryker. I had not heard of or seen one of these motorcycles and when he said that he would bring it to me in a few weeks time, I thought that it was going to be very cool to photograph something that I didn't know.

I heard him coming into land, from a few blocks away, on this beautiful stretched out and cool looking motorcycle. One of the first things I noticed about it, was even though it was 310 kg, it was incredibly light to move around the studio, so all of the weight must be down very low.

Jimmy brought his beautiful family along with him and we captured some cool images of his kids with his bike. I had the Wiggles playing on the stereo and everybody clapped their hands... Clap clap clap

it was awesome... but I will completely deny taking any of those photographs if anybody asks.... lol

Jimmy has a real down to earth, Aussie bloke sort of nature to him. Someone that you just immediately feel comfortable with.... no fuss, no false pretense... Just Jimmy.

Thank you for returning to my studio once again brother, with this beautiful motorcycle.

It looked amazing in my garage.

Good luck with your journey South and maybe one day our paths shall cross again Brother.

“Carl’s Garage” - I like good people

Sara and Troy, were the last couple to arrive yesterday afternoon for a shoot and when they rode up the driveway to my studio on this very new and very immaculate motorcycle, it made me smile.

This is an incredible bike and when I climbed on board and moved it into place to be photographed, I got to sit INSIDE it’s glorious cockpit.... You don't sit on a bike like this, you sit in it!

So beautifully designed, amazing workmanship and everything you could possibly want on a motorcycle to do big rides on. A fantastic stereo, easy to get at controls and an amazing seat, to list just a few.

It was quite a challenge to get Troy not to smile for the images... andlooking at the motorcycle that he and Sara ride.... It is very easy to understand why.

This bike absolutely dominated my garage and filled the space with its glorious and imposing dimensions.

Thank you brother for bringing this immaculate motorcycle for me to photograph..... It looked bloody sensational in my studio.

“Carl’s Garage” - Ridin' down the highway, Goin' to a show, Stop in all the byways, Playin' rock 'n' roll

Simon came for a visit today on this beautiful Boulevarde.

I knew that when I got this motorcycle into my garage, that it would look amazing and that it would stand out...

and it did

Simon appreciates lots of the cool things in life .... cars, motorcycles and boats... all boxes ticked

We had a good laugh, shared stories and created cool images today. Thanks Simon

“Carl’s Garage” - not enough “O”s in Smooth

Kerry hopped on to his motorcycle and road East towards my studio this morning.

Sometimes I like to know what kind of bike I am about to photograph and sometimes I like to be surprised. I had absolutely no idea what he was going to arrive on and it was a very pleasant surprise to see this bike roll in to my drive.

When I saw this paint job, I was taken aback... deep red fading into a darker colour, is a favourite combination of mine and one that I have used many times over the years, in my fantasy illustrations.

I see this bike in a dramatic scene, with fire and smoke and stormy skies... This is a fine looking motorcycle indeed.

I normally start by shooting a bike on the black velvet background and then I peal back the material, to reveal the garage, that is hidden behind.

I couldn't wait to get to this part of the shoot, as I knew that this wicked machine would look absolutely sensational in my textured and detailedgarage..... and it did not disappoint.

Along the way we discussed our similar backgrounds, of very exciting years of riding fuel injected Kawasakis and going nuts on them back in our misspent youth.

Motorcycle riding is a very universal language... very similar to fishing... if you are truly into it, you can relate to and enjoy stories from complete strangers. Creating this series of images for me, is just like going on a rally... something that I did quite often back in the 80s.... Pup tents, camp fires, Jack Daniels, wet t-shirt competitions and stories...lots and lots of stories. Shared with people you have never met before.

No, you won't see the wet outline of a pretty tattooed girl’s boobs when you come to work with me, there will be no burning of hardwood and at most... I will probably offer you a cold drink of water... but the bond will be made and the stories will be shared

“Carl’s Garage” - simply a way of life

I had not met Greg before today, I knew that he rode a sport bike and I have watched his adventures on a Facebook Group, through the gopro videos he shares of his rides...

I knew that Greg rode some sort of angry motorcycle, but it was a really pleasant surprise to see that it was a BMW S1000RR

This is it not just any normal sports bike... the power to weight ratio of these machines is ridiculously exciting. When I lifted the bike off the side stand, to move it around, I was surprised when Greg told me that it was 190 kg, as it felt 20 kg lighter than that. The weight is down low and this would be an insanely fun motorcycle to throw around through tight corners!

Greg messaged me when he was leaving to come on over and it was not that long after, that I heard the beautiful, ungodly sound of this motorcycle approaching. With it’s Akropovic cutting through the quiet suburban air, quick shifts and throttle pops accompanying this sound... I smiled

I love all motorcycles, big and small, but when something of this nature is before me, I just have to stop and take it in and appreciate the design, form and function of the motorcycle.

Greg rides hard, he does track days and this motorcycle is used as it was intended... I have great respect for that.

I have no doubt at all that our paths will cross on a distant winding road one day and I promised Greg, that I would slow down and let him catch up, so that we could say g'day to each other...

I am obliged of course to say that, being a Kawasaki man and all. Truth be known though... I know that I will never ride at the speed that Greg and his friends travel at, but at least mine is red....

Greg, I really enjoyed sharing stories with you today and creating cool images for you. Thank you for wanting to be part of this series of images. Your BMW is a beautiful bit of design wrapped around an angry high- performance engine... what a cool combination that is.

“Carl’s Garage” - knees to the ground....Booyeah baby!

Brad and I go way back... In fact I have known this man, for approximately 45 years.

Brad bought his first motorcycle... I bought my first motorcycle

Brad bought a classic Z900... I bought a classic Z1000

Fast forward a lifetime and for the very first time...

I bought a ridiculously fast hyper Sportsbike.... Brad bought a ridiculously fast hyper Sportsbike

And that look of fear that you see in his genuine!

It is the same look that I have in my eyes, when I ride my ZX14.

Why two men, just a bee’s dick away from turning 60, would want two motorcycles, like the ones that we have just bought... I will never know! Today Brad turned up on his 2005 ZX12R and like every other motorcycle or car that Brad has ever owned... it just stood out with the most incredible blue, I have seen on a motorcycle in quite some time... and this is before he has even had a chance to give the bike a bath and polish, to lift it from the previous owner’s lack lustre care.

I was pleasantly surprised with the size of this bike. Once again it is a “Carl size” motorcycle and has the same tall stance that my ZX14 has.

Brad has done really well here, as he got this bike for a song and as he rode in, I could hear that the engine was smooth, tight and quiet and it was punching out a beautiful song, through the Yoshi muffler.

Let's make sure we stay alive to enjoy these bikes brother... lots of miles, lots of adjusting to the ridiculous horsepower and lots of fun along the way!

Twist the throttle and hang on!

“Carl’s Garage” - where old bastards go hard

Kris came to visit me a few months ago, for a shoot on his Street 500. He told me that he wanted to do two sessions, as he had also bought another Harley, that he was not able to ride yet, due to license restrictions.

You want to know the definition of willpower... you will open the dictionary and see a picture of this man... as for 3 months, he held back from riding this new bike, waiting to get his unrestricted license!!!

When he rode into my driveway... I couldn't see the motorbike for the gleaming look of pride in his face. He has wanted a bike like this for a long time and it was lovely to see that connection between man and motorcycle. He has worked hard to get to this point and it was really lovely to be able to create cool images for him, of this beautiful machine. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I do like black and red as a colour combination and here is a beautiful example of that. It helps that my garage is predominantly warm colours, so when you add a classically styled bike, with this paint scheme into this scene.... it just looks right. When he rolled into my studio, he had 999 km on the odometer... but I can tell you now, that figure will change dramatically in the not too distant future, as he plans to ride hard and ride often.

I love the first image as you can see the pride of which I speak. cheers friends.

“Carl’s Garage” - just do it

A dear brother of mine, had one of the very first Goldwings, a GL1000. He did 47,987,652.3 kms on that bike. I remember he pulled apart the engine and spread the bike all over his lounge room floor, very proudly step-by-step following a manual to do the job and got it all back together and then found one very important washer from inside the middle of the engine that broke his heart and saw him break the engine down a second time.

Fast forward three decades and this beautiful machine rolled into my driveway... a cross between George Jetson and Star Trek all rolled into one... This super cruiser was something to behold.

Stephen and Janelle, have owned many motorcycles in the past, but when they saw this bike, the bond was instant. This is a well travelled vehicle. They have dialled it in to do the miles... and with every opportunity they get, they are out there enjoying themselves.

Other than the BMW 1600 that I shot a few months ago, I think this has to be one of the largest bikes, I have shot so far. Goldwings are very special motorcycles indeed. They are built to last and they are built to go the distance... and even though their sheer mass, would have you thinking they would be expensive to run, they are in fact quite economical, even when loaded up with two riders and a trailer.

Thanks friends for rolling on down here today to work with me. Your bike looked incredible in my garage and I enjoyed creating these images for you.

“Carl’s Garage” - where miles are counted in the Bajillions

Today I got to photograph Troy and his Vrod...

What a cool bike this was. I heard him coming into land, from about three suburbs away.

We shared stories, had a laugh and created cool images of his bike today. This bike is set up really well and when I threw my big long lanky legs over it, it didn't feel the weight that it was and the riding position was very comfortable.

I imagine it would be fun to throw this bike around at speed. He works in the mines, so my next question was...

“do you own a four-wheel-drive?”

He smiled and said... “Yes... A Toyota Hilux”

My next guess would have been a Ford Ranger!

I get this.....working in the mines, would have me wanting all of the executive stress toys as well.

Thanks brother, for coming down for a run today, fresh after knocking off dog watch... your bike looked pretty bloody special in my garage Troy.

“Carl’s garage” - No sleep for the wicked !

Someone once asked me, what I did for a job... I paused for a minute and then I told them, that I make people smile for a living.  They looked at me a little puzzled and asked... “are you a dentist?” I replied... “No, I am a photographer :)”

I have the coolest job in the world, bar none.

For a large part of the year, I photograph incredibly beautiful athletes, but when 2020 came along and turned the world upside down, I had to regroup and find something else to focus on.

And there was born the “Carl’s Garage” Series.

Yes, I love the challenge of creating beautiful images for people, but the really cool part about my job, is not the motorcycles .... but the men and women that arrive on them.

Robert is a prime example of that. From the very moment he arrived, right through to the end of the shoot, his positive and friendly attitude, was a pleasure to be around.

We talked motorcycles, life experiences and created cool images, like the ones I am sharing here of his wicked Thunderbird.

Thank you brother, I like good people.... especially one’s called Wog

My beautiful wife had sushi waiting for me after Robert rode away, I reset the studio and got ready for the next amazing person and motorcycle to arrive... more of which I shall share later, possibly tomorrow.

“Carl’s Garage” - in just 11 hours and 37 minutes I ride!

When people ask if they can come to my studio for a shoot on a Saturday... I generally tell them, that I try to keep Saturday mornings free, to go riding with my brothers... it often means I am shooting into the evening and that was the case last night when Mick turned up on his absolutely beautiful, 2017 Breakout.

It wasn't the beautiful paintwork or the modifications that I noticed first... It was the big bear of man, riding the motorcycle that caught my attention.

I am a big bugger but Mick made me feel small and that doesn't happen very often.  Once he rolled into my garage, I got to see this bike in detail for the first time... the paintwork was ridiculously cool and such a great colour. There is a boyish enthusiasm to this man and a real positive vibe, it was great to share stories and have a laugh as we created these images.

A lifetime of riding dirt bikes and his physical stature, gives him the skills to throw this Harley around effortlessly.

Big man on a big bike... Awesome combination!

Thank you Mick, for wanting to be part of this series of images... It was a real pleasure spending the time with you and getting to know you a little. We should go for a run one day.... I would like that

Yesterday was windy as all get out and not a good day for riding, so I got up very early today and with two brothers, headed west and smashed out 400 km of tyre melting, fuel burning fun....

More of which I will share later.

“Carl’s Garage” - Chicken Strips....what chicken strips?


When Trevor rode up the driveway towards my studio, whiskers parted in the middle and his bike gleaming in the morning sun, it put a huge smile on my face.

This was going to be a great shoot!

Trevor grew up in my town, we talked music, we talked motorcycles and we talked life.  It was great for me to see the smile on his face, when he saw the images we were creating, on the back of my camera.

This CVO.... it is quite spectacular and his care for this bike is set to expert level. It's perfect chrome and deep sparkling paintwork, made it almost look artificial in my garage...

Isn’t it funny that when something looks better than perfect, we say that it looks artificial?

I was only just thinking about that the other day.  This is a fellow that works hard, rides hard and loves his motorcycles... what a great combination!

This series is fast becoming a beautiful collection of images, of the Australian bike culture.

Photographing the owners of the motorcycles, is just as exciting for me, as the bikes themselves.

Thank you Trevor for coming around today, your positive energy and very relaxed demeanour was a pleasure to be around. I hope you like these images as much as I do, as your bike looked bloody electric under my lights.

Cheers brother

“Carl’s Garage” - You know you want to