Yesterday was a hectic day... Lots of really cool images created and I rounded out the day, photographing Theo's beautiful bikes for him

He arrived early on his Rocket and said “okay I'll see you soon...”  I was a little confused until he explained that he was going home to get a second motorcycle... the Breakout

What great contrast between these two beautiful motorcycles.

I am a big fan of both. The crazy engineering and torque of the Rocket and the sleek and beautiful lines of the Breakout

Thank you Theo for asking me to create these images for you.

They are beautiful motorcycles indeed

“Carl’s Garage” - F.I.G.J.A.M

simply the best...

The story continues on

The Shoots Archive #6

Today I got to photograph Ash and his Fatboy.

I have said it before and I will say it again... I do particularly like Fatboys.  Clever design on many levels.

Ash is a pickaxe wide across the shoulders and looks right at home on this motorcycle and I heard him coming into land, from about three suburbs away!!!

His dad Mick was leaving here, to go down to Frasers to pick up a new Street Bob after the shoot was finished.

Thanks Ash for asking me to create these cool images for you... It was lovely to meet some of your family and spend some time together today. More cool bikes being shot over the weekend friends...

Stay Tuned

“Carl’s Garage” - loud and proud since 1963

Janene got in touch with me a while back and organised a gift voucher for her husband Greg.

We set a date into our calendars and when it finally came about, it was absolutely flogging down, right across the East Coast.

So we decided to shift it to today!

As Greg road this beautiful bike up my driveway, it looked sensational.... “ Got anything Blacker” came to mind... lol

It was bloody hot in my studio today and we downed a few litres of cold H2O while we worked to make these cool images.

It is lovely when people bring a positive vibe with them and both these fine people did that.... in bucketfuls

Thank you was great to finally get together with you today and create these pics for you

“Carl’s Garage” - tank is full ... I am out of here....vroom vroom compadre

Sam bought a gift voucher for a shoot with me, for her husband Pat.  It was to happen on the hottest day of the month... and so it was!

I didn't know what motorcycles were coming, so when these two spectacular bikes, rolled in to view, I got very excited shooting them both. Pat loves his bikes and even though these bikes are immaculate, they are also ridden long distances and often.

Like myself, he enjoys caring for his motorcycles... You ride them, you clean them, then you ride them again. Simple really.  The first challenge for me, was to take an image of Pat without him smiling.

One of the things some people don't understand, is that I am not trying to make people looked tough or sullen, when I ask them not to smile in the pictures.  I'm simply letting their face tell the story and the resulting images are strikingly beautiful and very real. Pat is a smiler and I was happy to work with that... And in return... he was also happy to give me some shots without smiles, for the collection.

Jeff and his beautiful family road Pat's second bike to my studio, so we could shoot them together.  We drank copious amounts of cold water, we had several fans going and we got it done!

I really enjoyed working with your family and friends Pat.

You guys rock!

“Carl’s Garage” - Come one come all, for all are welcome

It was a warm sunny day, down at Grey Gums Cafe, when I first met Stuart. I had ridden there with my brothers on our old Kawasakis, when a muffled voice from beneath a helmet called my name..... “Caaauuuuurrrllll”

He called a second time, but he had lifted the front of his helmet and his muffled cry, became much clearer.... lol

Stuart introduced himself and told me that he had been following my “Carl’s garage” series and would like to be part of it, in the near future. Yesterday was a bloody mongrel of a hot day, but it was to be the time, that we would work together, as he was returning from Coffs Harbour and a journey up north, that he had just completed with several others.

In the hottest part of the day, he arrived on this beautifully engineered motorcycle... I am a fitter and machinist by trade, many lifetimes ago, so I have a real appreciation for build quality and this bike ticks that box, with a bloody big black texta.

The Germans know how to build a motorcycle... end of story!  Thank you Stuart for wanting to work with me... it was lovely to spend the time talking life, bikes and stuff while shooting your bike.

You're a good communicator and I enjoyed our time together.

“Carl’s Garage” - Das ist gut!

Luke saw my work, when one of his friends shared some images, that I had created for them. He started to follow me on social media and then when he was ready, gave me a call and locked in a shoot with me today. Some bikes just tickle my fancy and this is one of them!

With a seriously upgraded engine, an exhaust system that shook the very foundations of my studio and the whole chunky spoke wheel thing going on..... I liked this bike

With a paint colour, something along the lines of Poisoned cherry or burnt bloodsucker (not real good with names), a colour that looked amazing in my garage under the lights!

One hour before Luke was about to arrive, he messaged me and said he had woken up to a totally flat tyre. He told me that he whacked 50 PSI into it and he was on his way!

Upon his arrival, I got my foot pump out and connected it up to the back tyre and it had 0 psi on the dial!!!

A definite advantage to having such a low profile and wide tyre. We pumped it up once again and got on with the shoot!

Thank you Luke for bringing this beautiful motorcycle to my studio... with cloudy skies and a flat back tyre, you take out the award for “hard-core devotion to a shoot”

Much respect!

“Carl’s Garage” - who needs Air! ..... just twist the throttle and hang on! a very special thing and when a father can go riding with his son, it must be a very proud moment indeed...

Two days ago, I got to photograph the Gibb family and it was a great afternoon. Larry is the same year model as me and he grew up a Cardiff Boy.

A tough crew with a tough reputation.

I was a Lambton Boy.... Just a few suburbs away.

We shared stories, we laughed and we created cool images together. Larry is so proud to have his son Jake, ride alongside him now, with his wife Vicky behind him, on their beautiful Harley-Davidson.

There was something about Jake’s bike, with its retro AMF 1970s styling, that I liked a lot... both bikes as unique as the men that ride them


This was a great shoot, thanks guys for wanting to work with me and I really enjoyed our afternoon together.

“Carl’s Garage” - Family Matters

A few months ago, I got a phone call from a guy called Steve... Steve writes for the H.O.G Magazine and asked if I would do a shoot of a girl called Matilda.

Yes was my response

A date and time was set in place, the days ticked by until...... off in the distance, I heard the distant roar of a Harley coming into land!

Not somebody sedately cruising round the suburbs, not one of my neighbours returning from shiftwork on his bike... but this hellfire and brimstone wild child, came in to view with a sissy bar that stood tall above her helmet and the confidence in her stance and style, that told me this shoot would be fun!

Matilda is a character... a larger than life one. Fire fighting, Grid Iron Playing, Harley Riding sort of Gal

I had to wait until the magazine was published before sharing these, but I saw in her insta feed @freedomdiariestilly that she had hard copy in hand.

Thanks Steve for the job and thank you Matilda for just being you!

“Carl’s Garage” - and with a rumble and a roar ... she was gone!

You can imagine the smile on my face, when I saw this motorcycle for the first time!

Tony and Nichole’s Harley is a beautiful one indeed!

In my early years of motorcycle riding, I grew to love the classic Harley- Davidson shape of the 70s, through reading Easyriders Magazines and seeing Dave Mann’s Artwork.

This bike has the look and feel of that period and so it was with great pleasure, that I got to photograph it in my garage... And it looked bloody amazing!

Tony and Nichole are childhood sweethearts and have been together 33 years..... how freaking cool is that!

Tony has a long long history on bikes and unfortunately the poor man had to ride a Hyabusa for a while!

It is of course an unwritten law, that I must disrespect Suzukis, being a Kawasaki rider... But deep down, I know what an insane motorcycle the Hyabusas are.

Thank you friends for travelling the distance that you did, to come and work with me and bring this beautiful motorcycle to my studio!

“Carl’s Garage” - Bloody Suzukis

What a day, what a day!  I rose early, because that is how my body clock is dialled in at the moment... Late nights and early starts!

I decided that I was going to make some changes to my garage and I am very happy with what I got to do today.

I do have some larger groups of people coming, so I need to be able to set up for multi-bike shoots... More of that later.

Steven and his son Jarrod rode up from Sydney today, to work with me and what an incredible sound it was, as they approached my studio.  I know I say this a lot about the noise that bikes make when they arrive, but Jarrod’s bike sounded like something from a transformer movie, with an exposed primary belt and a turbo charger no less! What a wicked, mechanical, outrageous and mean sound this motorcycle has.

I really enjoy photographing a combination of bikes, even more so when it is family. This father and son combo had two really beautiful motorcycles, that were as unique as the men themselves.

Both with a long history of bikes, both with great stories to share... It was a very cool couple of hours that we spent together, creating these images. Thank you fellas, your enthusiasm and friendly manner made for a great shoot indeed.

You're both very welcome back here, if ever you are passing through this way... I grind the bean and make a mean espresso... Just saying!

“Carl’s Garage” - for I am a fuel injected suicide machine!

Hello friends... What a fantastic weekend it has been.

The forecast was not good and as much as my fruit trees needed the rain... I'm glad that it held off and I was able to photograph the amazing people that I have today.

The morning kicked off with Paul and his daughter Abbigail and you can imagine the smile on my face, when he rolled down the street on this beautiful Kawasaki... I am a little fond of Kawasakis, having ridden them for a very long time.

It was cool to see that Abbigail was kitted up properly with all of the right safety gear, jacket, gloves and a beautifully fitted helmet etc etc... It breaks my heart when I see people doubling their kids with very little protection..... not cool.

Get with the program people... It hurts when you hit the ground!

I ride a ZX14 ( insert maniacal laugh here) and I love how powerful and light it is... this bike takes it to another level as I couldn't believe how light it was, when I hopped onto it, to move it around... the power to weight ratio is just nuts.

Brother Kevin.... Paul asked me to tell you that he will slow down a little next time you ride together, so you can keep up!

Thank you brother for following my work and it was lovely to finally meet you and to be able to create these cool images for you. Abbigail looks very comfortable on the bike and I see a future biker in the making!

“Carl’s Garage” - twist the throttle and I’m gone!

Michelle contacted me a few weeks ago, to tee up a shoot for both her and her man Mick. We locked in a date, but shitty weather prevented it from happening. It was shifted forward to today and the weather gods were kind to us... and so we made it happen!

There once was a man called Pavlov and he came up with this thing called Pavlov's theory... he trained his dog to respond to a whistle related to when the dog would get a treat... Over time the Dog would start to salivatepurely at the sound of the whistle.... I think it went something like that anyway... lol

I am a bit that way myself now when the I hear the distant sound of large bore V twin motorcycle coming into land.

Now I must point out here that I don't actually salivate, nor do I wag my tail... but I do get excited!

I am a passionate image maker and hope to be able to continue making images, for as long as fate will have me doing so.

The joy I get from creating cool images for people is immeasurable... tis’ a blessed life I lead for sure.

Michelle and Mick arrived on two immaculate Harley Davidsons.

Each bike as unique as the rider themselves.

I feed off people's positive energy when I work with them and these guys gave it in bucketfuls!

We spent a few hours together but time passed very quickly, as the conversation was free-flowing and great to be part of!

Thank you friends for bringing that positive energy into my humble studio for the day.

“Carl’s Garage” - I would like to thank my hands for working so damn hard for so damn long.....along with my feet who have carried me for nearly 60 years.... you guys rock!

I first met Michael very early in the “Carl’s Garage” series, when he rode in on his Honda Blackbird.... A beautiful bike and a great shoot it was.

Michael has made the decision to go in a different direction with his motorcycles and got himself a fantastic deal on this Triumph America. These are very cool bikes and it was of no surprise, that the attention to detail and build quality, was of the calibre that I have come to expect of a modern Triumph.

Michael, it was a fun shoot was great to share stories and hear of your adventures .... thank you for returning to my humble studio

“Carl’s Garage” - bloody hell it was steamy and hot today

Today Martyn rolled in on this Indian....nearly half a ton of American Muscle....A damn fine looking machine, that looked sensational in my garage.

He road up from down south, crap weather all about, but a commitment was made and so we began.

Well..... we talked bikes for half an hour and then it

You cant rush these things!

These are beautifully built machines with long sweeping lines and I really enjoyed creating these images today.

Thank you brother, the time went quickly and I enjoyed it.... I am fussy bastard and this was time well spent.

Thank you for doing the miles and for wanting to be part of this series of images that I am creating.

“Carl’s Garage” - only 5 more sleeps kiddies

James gave me a call and asked if I could take some cool photographs for him... He has been following my work for some time and he was very excited to be here today.

I have never been a matching numbers restoration sort of guy and I like the individuality of a custom it was with a big smile on my face, that I greeted James and his wicked bike... “Unholy”

With a hint of rat styling and old school chopper influences... This bike is uniquely his. It reminded me of a story that I shared with James, about a local biker that I knew many many years ago called Saint..... He had a Rat triumph, years before the whole rat thing took hold... It had XXXX beer cans for its side covers and used more oil than petrol... I can still see him riding in the back doors of the local pub up and into the pool room, where he would lean his bike against the pool table, then stride up to the bar...

Great memories of a very cool character!

James is a self made man, with a very cool back story... much respect for this.  Thank you James for wanting to be part of this series of images, you have a real positive energy to you brother and it was a pleasure spending time with you, creating these pictures.

“Carl’s Garage” - where cool is measured in inches.... Inches above legal

Kane got in touch with me quite a while ago and asked if he could buy a gift voucher, for a shoot in my garage, as a Father’s Day present for his dad Stephen...

Today we got together to make this happen!

I had absolutely no idea what either of these men rode, so you can imagine the smile on my face when Kane rolled in, on this show winning masterpiece of a motorcycle...

I didn't know where to look, as my eyes were jumping around like a mad man, not knowing where I was going to start or what images I was going to capture of this spectacular motorcycle!

Put the bikes aside for a brief moment and I just want to comment on the men themselves... They arrived early, they arrived with smiles on their faces and their enthusiasm was set to level 10!

I could ask no more of them

They rode up this morning from Wollongong, on their way north... The rain gods were good to them and gave them a dry journey here. Their motorcycles gleaming in the morning light when they arrived! I heard Kane’s supercharged Harley Davidson, from about three suburbs away and the walls of my studio shook violently, as he rode through the door and into the garage!

Kane is a spray painter by trade and it was of no surprise that the paintwork on both of these motorcycles was immaculate... Small details and highlights meticulously perfected right across both bikes... This really was a great shoot and I was very excited to photograph their bikes for them.

Thank you brother for wanting me to create these images for you and your dad... You are good people and I am a fussy bastard.... so it was a real pleasure to spend the morning with you, creating these images.

“Carl’s Garage” - unbloodybelievable

Today Craig put on his helmet, fired up his Harley and headed off into the dark and stormy afternoon, to ride north to my studio for a photo shoot with his wife Effie and grandson Kobi... Much respect for this brother as many would have just rebooked.

This beautiful Softail looked amazing ... a very subtle colour that I knew would work well in my old school garage.

Craig loves his family, his Motorcycles, his brothers and his friends, but his grandson Kobi holds a very special place in his heart and he has told his young fella, that this motorcycle will be his, when he is old enough to ride.

That is very very cool in my books!

Thank you brother for travelling up here today in this rather inclement weather. You have followed my work for some time now and it was lovely to finally meet you and create cool images together.

“Carl’s Garage” - making 2021 my bitch ... from Day 1

My brother Noel and I go way back... we have been mates since our childhood. 40 plus years and never a harsh word between us and Noel is not frightened to use a few expletives, every now and then!

We grew up in working class Newcastle and hung out together in a place called Lambton.

He introduced me to Jethro Tull, South American catfish and A9X Toranas. We have history!

He is a good man

Noel just bought his first Harley and he is pretty bloody happy with it and I asked him to come around for some pics today... cheers friends

“Carl’s Garage” - Lambton Boys Rock!

all bikes aren’t created equal

especially postie bikes built by my brother Brett

I first came across the work of this man, a few years ago, when he commented on a post of mine on instagram.

A friendship was formed and his wicked Harley, was one of the first bikes to be shot in my “Carl’s Garage” series.

Brett has been here many times now and yesterday he arrived with this sensational build.

Long before we even got close to taking any pictures, I went over this bike from front to back, taking in all of the details!  Titanium washers and bolts being some of the small things that could be easily overlooked.

A custom paint job that draws you in

YSS shocks dialled in to Brett’s size and riding preferences .... and the list goes on

Like I said..... not all bikes are created equal

This bike started life as a retired Postie bike and Brett has lovingly brought it back, to even better than new.

With it’s lumpy cam, it even has a sweet melodic rumble, that sounds insane when he fires it up!

“Carl’s Garage” - where even Postman Pat rides a wicked machine!

Mick and Lorraine rolled in next, on this incredible Indian!

Talk about contrast... I had just finished shooting Brett’s 80kg Postie bike and then this 470kg beast arrived!


As with Brett’s ride..... I could not start creating any images, until I had taken it all in!

This is a stunning bike and it is ridden and it is ridden hard.... and lovingly cared for at the same time

There is a lot to take in when you sit on an Indian like this... the first thing you notice is the workmanship.... bloody amazing.

Followed by how comfortable the seat is ! Seriously one of the THE MOST COMFORTABLE seats I have ever sat on! There was a lovely easy energy to the shoot yesterday.... two very confident people, but down to earth at the same time... Time went by so quickly

Thanks guys for travelling to my Garage.... I have not shot many Indians and your bike is spectacular!

“Carl’s Garage” - for all creatures great and small

Craig has followed my work for some time now and today he rode north to work with me.  Some people ride motorcycles and some people RIDE motorcycles!

Craig is the latter... Having done 47 million miles on this motorcycle.... or some ridiculous number like that anyway... Craig loves to ride.

As he rode up my driveway, the engine sounded very new and it was of no surprise, that it is only just 1000 km since a top end rebuild... Something that obviously has to happen to a motorcycle after 77,000,000 miles of riding

I don't get to shoot green bikes very often and this colour works beautifully in my garage... Craig’s Road King looked amazing for a bike that has done 95,000,000 miles.

Can you tell I am impressed by the distance this man has travelled? “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” a wise fisherman once told me

“Carl’s Garage” - where respect is measured in miles

Before a shoot, I like to stand in the doorway of my studio and listen out, for the motorcycle that is about to arrive... Trevor came in to land and I had absolutely no idea what it was, until it rolled in to sight.... A Rocket!

I love these bikes

They are such a statement piece. You either love them or you hate them or you fear them!  On the outside, they look big and cumbersome and damn heavy, but when you throw a leg over one of these bikes and lift it from the side stand... It is a little difficult for your brain to comprehend, why it does not feel as heavy as it looks.

Well done Triumph... very clever design indeed

Trevor eats up the miles on this bike and absolutely loves riding it.  He has followed my work for some time now and through a subtle hint to his beautiful wife, that a gift voucher for a shoot in Carl's Garage, would be a great present... we got to create these images today.

“Carl’s Garage” - nudge nudge wink wink say no more

Bob lives in God's country... Gloucester ... What a magical place indeed. In the crisp light of a blue sky morning, he jumped on his Boulevarde and rode down to my studio today.

I get to meet the coolest of people in my job and when I get to spend time with people like Bob, it is a real pleasure.

Of course the first thing I noticed about this man, was his incredibly powerful moustache...

For with great whiskers comes great responsibility, as they are very powerful things indeed.

Bob understands the power of this and wields his moustache carefully... Something that took me quite a while to learn how to do.

My daughter once wrote a speech about how powerful my moustache was and that it even had the ability to change the weather!

Thanks brother, the time spent with you was quality and most enjoyable.

“Carl’s Garage” - some can... some can’t

Craig rides hard and rides often and as you may remember, has ridden 987,000 miles on his Harleys .... the stuff of legends!

Well.... this bike suffers the same fate as the other Harley and is ridden just a many miles!

Thank you brother for returning to my humble garage, with another beautiful machine for me to photograph.

"Carl's Garage" - I have shoes on today!

Before a shoot, I like to listen out for the bike’s arrival. This one had me stumped?

It certainly wasn’t a Harley and it wasn’t a Jap Superbike

and when Shane rolled in to my drive.... I smiled!

I do love these Diavels and this one was a beauty

So light, so powerful, so Ducati!

Simply beautiful by design!

Shane was very excited to be here and after his ride up the M1 to get to me, he was stoked to arrive and get cracking.

Thank you brother for doing the miles, your Duke is stunning and I love the images we created together!

“Carl’s Garage” - there are motorcycles and then there are Ducatis

I had a great day today...... the weather gods were good to me and I got to photograph some very cool people and their motorcycles..... the first of which, were Helen and Dion, on the Starship Enterprise ... I mean this fully decked out and beautiful blue Harley.

Dion asked if I could fit his bike and trailer in and said “yes I can!” When they rode in to my studio, a big smile crept across my face, for this rig was 20 feet long and I had set up a 21 foot backdrop!!!!

Perfect ... Just enough room

Helen and Dion are good people, the time flew by very very quickly and we laughed and shared stories and created cool images together.

Thanks guys the pleasure was truly mine.

“Carl’s Garage” - yes I can

Justin gave me a call and asked if I would take some pics of his FatBob Too easy was my reply...let’s do this.

A date was set in time and today he jumped on this beautiful machine and travelled north to my studio.

Justin and I have history....he is an elite Aussie bodybuilder and we have worked together on several occasions and you will not find a more humble and down to earth champion of a man.

We talked bikes, we talked bodybuilding (surprise, we talked family and we talked life.

It was great shoot indeed.

He told me that a bike had to do three things..... look great, sound great and be great to ride.....and that this bike did all three!

Thank you brother.... the pleasure was truly mine and I hope that one day we can burn some fuel together, on an open winding road somewhere.

“Carl’s Garage” - pick your favourite pose and.....strike!

What a day, what a day...

Rode 1000 sweet corners, drank fine coffee, ate great food ...then went out to my studio to photograph this very cool Fatbob for Jason.

He had seen my images on social media and gave his wife a subtle hint....a gift voucher for a shoot was bought and today we made it happen.

You got to love those subtle hints!

These are a very cool motorcycle indeed... They have a rugged appeal that I like... It is a sporty version of a fat boy and when I threw my leg over it, it was surprisingly light... I am a jap superbike rider and all Harley Davidsons feel heavy to me, but this was not the case here.

I bet it is a hoot to ride!

Thank you Jason... thank you for loving what I create brother... this series of images is pretty bloody special and I love meeting so many like minded humans.

Very cool!

“Carl’s Garage” - Life, what a great adventure, twist the throttle and hang on!

After a shoot, when the edit is done... I like to share the images with all of you out there. Small snippets of the shoot shared, a brief look at the biker, represented by the images captured.

Tonight, I just got drunk instead and had a dance party on top of my shipping container, so my words will be brief.

Two bikes, cool people, snap snap, here you go now.

I am heading back to my shipping container now.... I can hear Snoop Dog and my hips are shakin’

fo shizzel


Today was a great day..... I photographed some very cool people and their bikes. First up was my dear friend Katy and her husband Josh.

Katy and I have history... She is an elite bodybuilder of the highest order and we have worked together photographically, many many times.

When I got this series of images started, Katy asked if she could travel up from Canberra, so that I could take some photos of her pride and joy.... her beautiful 900 Bonnie.... The world turned upside down and travel was not an option... At least until now and today we finally got together to do this!

I didn't know what Josh rode, so it was a pleasant surprise when he turned up on his KTM... What a cool motorcycle this is! I am a big lanky bastard and finally, finally someone has built a motorcycle made for tall men!

Josh could see the smile on my face, as I threw my leg across his bike to move it around my studio and asked if I would like to take it for a spin... My response came back two and a half milliseconds later with a resounding YES!!!!.... But first we needed to take some images

Colour always plays an important part in my world and always has done and it was no surprise when both these motorcycles looked amazing in my old garage as their paint scheme worked in perfectly colour wise.

Images created, stories shared, coffee consumed... it was time to put on a pair of boots and go for a blast on this man sized motorbike!

I have never ridden a motorcycle with quick shift technology... Oh my Lordy me, when I first took off down the road, I foolishly used the clutch... A lifetime of riding bikes with a clutch makes it very hard to not to use one....but as I rode down the street and sheepishly used the quick shift for the first time... a huge smile crept across my face, as this is pretty freaking cool technology...

Up through the gears and down through the gears !!!

what have I been missing out on all of these years!

Seriously.... it is so cool

Thank you dear friends for travelling the distance that you did to come and become part of the “Carl’s Garage” series... you guys rock

“Carl’s Garage” - Clutch....who needs one!

When people travel to my studio and you can see the excitement in their eyes...... it makes me so happy.

Julie and Dave brought such a positive energy with them to this shoot, you will not meet nicer people.

Now.... to this motorcycle .... lookout!

Damn these bikes are cool, they are big, they are stylish, they are comfortable and ..... they are cool... end of story

and Dave’s 2010 Boulevard is in mad condition, for a 10 year old bike! We talked life, we talked business and of course..... we talked Bikes! it was a great shoot

Thank you friends

“Carl’s Garage” - making 2021 my bitch.... lookout!

I often stand in the doorway to my studio and listen out for the bike, their exhaust note giving me an idea, of what is about to arrive... as Allan came into land on this beautiful Triumph, I knew this was not a stock motorcycle by any means.

I had not seen one of these Speed Twins up close before and it was of no surprise that it had a beautiful build quality and overall design. I own a modern Triumph myself.

As I threw a leg over and moved this bike around, I couldn't believe how light it felt... These bikes are designed to be light and nimble and fun to ride!

We talked Motorcycles at length, before any photographs were taken... Allan has lived and breathed bikes from his childhood days through to now... We shared stories and had a laugh and this was a great shoot indeed.

You are a top fella Allan and I really enjoyed having a yak and taking these pics for you.

“Carl’s Garage” - tic tic boom

I like good people.... who doesn’t

So when three cool individuals like Karen, Nic and Jason roll in to my studio.... life is good

Yesterday was a great day.... I rose early, a brother arrived, fired up my 1200 Bonnie and cut loose on some open country roads for a few hours. It is beautiful out west after the rains and it was perfect riding conditions. I came home, cleaned up my British girl, parked her next to my Japanese Mistresses and got ready for the shoot!

The clouds and light rains had moved in and I was half expecting a call to postpone the shoot, but no call was made and the distant sound of two very cool bikes approaching, told me this was not going to be the case!

Talk about contrast!... a FJR and an MV ... you couldn’t get two more polar opposite bikes, not unlike Karen and Jason.  So cool

I love my job

We talked bikes at length, before we took any pictures....this seems to happen often

Go figure :)

Then we set about creating a very cool collection of memories.  Thank you friends for being so positive and friendly....the shoot was a real pleasure for me and I am glad you felt the same.

“Carl’s Garage” - I love sushi