Warren asked if he and his brother Simon, could ride up to be shot in my garage, a date was set in time and today we made it happen... this was a cool shoot indeed.

Warren and I go way back and his beautiful wife, is another brother of mine’s dear sister ...... clear as mud .... put it simple ... he is family!

They arrived early and we got started. Simon and I, had not met before, but by the time the shoot was over, we realised that there were so many connections and mutual friends, in this small small world we live in.

Go figure!

Thank you my brothers ... I really enjoyed today’s shoot.

“Carl’s Garage” - history matters

twist the throttle...

The story continues on

The Shoots Archive #7

dont be messin’ with the ride

bling bling from side to side

1000 miles were travelled

great stories were unravelled

a nameless rider and Uncle Bill

for just a moment time stood stil

her shiny lines, all polished, crisp and clean

we did good

“Carl’s Garage” - where down low, is never going to be quite enough

I tell people that if the weather turns to crap, that we can simply reschedule the shoot.  So I was surprised, that this morning, I did not receive a call from Alby to do this....

Instead, I heard the distant rumble of American Iron coming in to land, drenched to the bone, Alby did the miles to come and work with me..... much respect for this.

He peeled off some wet layers, we gave his bike a quick wipe down and then we began!

I do like these Fat Bobs..... they just look like they would be fun to ride..... a little more aggressive in their design than their older cousin the Fatboy.

We talked life, bikes and brothers and before we knew it, the shoot was done and off in to the rain Alby set.

Thank you brother, my time was well spent with you today.

“Carl’s Garage” - Have you got what it takes.... Alby does!

Jayson rolled in to my garage today, on this very cool 883

I like unusual bikes and the proportions of this fine machine, ticked that box.

The combination of a big skinny front and a chunky rear tyre, is very old school cool for me, in a modern sort of way and add to this, the colour scheme lent itself beautifully to the rich tones of my old garage.

With a 1200 kit put through it, this thing snaps and snarls when fired up. I have been pleasantly surprised today, by the brothers who took on this shitty weather, to come and create cool images with me...... totally awesome

Thank you Jayson for doing the miles .... you have a cool ride and I really enjoyed the time spent creating these images for you

“Carl’s Garage” - the answer is simple..... be nice

Feb 14..... Valentines Day for some.... plain old Sunday for others... but for me, it was a day well spent with good people, creating images.

Craig lives just a few blocks from me and he asked if I could do a three generation shoot, with his dad Rick and son Henry..... “Hell yes” I said...let’s do this

I had no idea what they rode, all I had was a time and a day locked in to my


Craig rode in on a bucket list bike for me .... a 1290 Superduke

Dont read the specs... they will scare you... and so they should ... This is an insane motorcycle!

A motorcycle built to excite, a motorcycle made for doing wheelstands..... in EVERY gear!

Can you tell I like these bikes?

Craig is a third generation motorcycle enthusiast as both his father and Grandfather had bike oil in their DNA from childhood. Rick had brought some of his father’s bike trophies to include in the shoot.... so freaking cool!

So in effect we had 4 generations of Darken men represented in these images!

as the shoot got going...we shared our stories and had a good laugh... all three of us Fitters by trade and bike riders for life.....there was a lot of talking done before the first image got taken!

Rick’s Yamaha, with tricked up suspension and tyres worn from edge to edge, is a beautiful machine as well... these fellas ride hard and they ride often.

He turned to me during the shoot and said that if someone had told him that in his sixties, he would doing a bike shoot with three generations of family about him.... he would not have believed it.

This was a great shoot

These are good people

and I loved creating images for them cheers friends

“Carl’s Garage” - Family

Sarah and Scott both ride Harleys, but today’s shoot, was a Valentine’s Day gift from Sarah to her hard working man, so that he would have great images of his pride and joy.... a very schmick 2009 FXST.

This is a beautiful bike done right....great lines with great decisions made along the way.

The weather gods were good today, as they made it here from the Central Coast dry and he rolled on in to my garage. These are good people... great conversation flowed and the time flew by quickly!

For me personally, the people I get to meet on a daily basis, are the real gold of this series ..... yes the bikes are beautiful shiny loud amazing things .... but it is the people that make it for me.

Thanks friends... today was a great shoot.... hope you got home dry.

“Carl’s Garage” - the Bohemian Observer

My life is truly a great adventure, as I never know what is going to happen next..... who I am going to meet and what I am going to photograph ....... and today was a perfect example of this!

Brett’s kids organised a gift voucher for a shoot with me and he gave me a call a few days ago, to lock in a day and today we made it happen.

He told me that when he received the voucher, that he thought....why the bloody hell would I want to do that?

But when he arrived today, he was buzzing like a biker on Mexican Marching Powder and I had to tell him to slow down and relax, as I did not have any other bookings for the day.

I told him to chill and enjoy the adventure!

What followed was one of the coolest shoots in the series.

We grew up in neighbouring suburbs, we both have ridden bikes all our lives, we are both fitters by trade and at some point were both actually employed by the same heavy engineering firm....

Add to this... we are both Alice Cooper fans!

His poor son Adam, had to listen to two old farts belting out Cold Ethel at the top of their voices, as we created very cool images of the bikes he arrived with.... a Pantah and a Bimota no less!!!

Brett’s father, was a respected motorcycle racer of yesteryear and he brought along his helmet, which you will see in these images.... this was incredible and I felt honoured to hold it in my hands and to be able to photograph it!

His son Adam shares the same passion as the men before him... this was so cool!

I really enjoyed today Brett, sharing stories, laughing and singing our way through the shoot...doesn’t get any better than that!

“Carl’s Garage” - when only the best will do!

I rose early and smashed out a great ride ( more of which I will share later ) then returned home, to set up for a shoot!

I got absolutely soaked on my ride and I was half expecting a phone call or message to postpone the shoot... Much to my surprise this did not happen and I was inside my home, with my beautiful wife, when the explosive sound of two crazy breakouts... shook the dust out of our air conditioning filter and made pictures on the wall go askew!

Kye has followed my work for sometime now and he was very excited about coming up to Newcastle today to work with me. His brother Rosco asked if they were going to still do this in the rain and he said “damn straight we are”

He also knew that I liked to hear bikes arrive!

I heard them coming from about three suburbs away!

So freaking cool!

They got smashed on the freeway and arrived wet through to the core!


We took a few moments to detail the bikes, but it did not take much, as these bikes are lovingly cared for just as much as they are ridden hard! There is a moment when I show people the back of the camera for the first time and they see their pride and joy, lit up under my lights and it is very special...

They know that it was worth the journey, worth getting wet and worth making the effort to travel to my studio to get great images!

Thanks fellas....twas’ a great day indeed I enjoyed our time together.

“Carl’s Garage” - I ride em and I shoot em.... Yeehaaa!

Noel’s mate John, bought him a gift voucher for a shoot with me, back in May last year. Life has a funny way of getting in the way sometimes and 2020 was one of those years!

Today, the planets aligned and two very different motorcycles rolled in to view, ridden by two very different men.  I love my job!

Here I was, throwing a leg over the Starship Enterprise, commonly known as a Goldwing, followed by a Ducati that one of my friends rides, that he said he would happily circumnavigate the globe on.... a Multistrada!

You could not get two more different bikes.... polar freaking opposites ! Goldwings have come a long way from the humble GL1000... a brother of mine did 3.8 gazillion miles on one, back in the day!

This bike felt half the weight of it’s predecessors and the comfort factor was set to level 11.... dont even go there!

This bike is built to eat up big miles in style!

Very cool!

John’s Ducati, in complete contrast...felt like a very tall postie bike, weight wise, by comparison..... lol

This is a comfy bike but in a different way to the Wing.... rider position , bar position and pegs set to accomodate even the lankiest of riders..... for example..... ME!

I want to test ride one of these one day.... they look they would be a hoot to ride!

Stopping power, build quality, the list goes on... I liked this Duke.

Thank you fellas for doing the miles.... it was a fun shoot, time well spent!

“Carl’s Garage” - large or small, I love them all..... Peace!


Cool is measured on many scales.


Wow factor


all sorts of things

Ben is cool, because he drove from Queensland with his best mate Ragnar and his bike, to come and be shot in my Garage!

that is Cool!

Ragnar was a beautifully behaved creature and after many facial licks and bum scratches, we became good mates

I didn’t have to lick Ben’s face as he is just a friendly guy anyway!

This was a great shoot and we talked life, family and all sorts of things. Thank you brother, this was time well spent!

“Carl’s Garage” - where bums are scratched and faces licked clean

Allan is cool!

Allan’s Norton with it’s featherbed frame and 1961 vintage.... is even coolerer!

I recently shot Allan with his immaculate Speed Twin, and he mentioned that he would like to bring his Norton back for a shoot.

“Yes please” was my immediate response and today he brought it to my studio!

I had just picked up my daughter from school and when I arrived home, Allan was in my drive talking with my dear neighbour Gus.... 90 years young!

I told Gus that Allan was coming and that he should wander over when he hears Allan come in to land..... and he did

Gus has wonderful stories to recall of the amazing bikes he rode, many many years ago and he loves to see the amazing bikes I shoot here in my garage.

Very cool!

This bike is just bloody beautiful!  Gears are on the wrong side.  Brakes are just for decoration and the kick starter does not fold away after use!

Hearing it fire up is exciting

Seeing him ride off.... is even more excitingerer

“Carl’s Garage” where spelling and grammar take a second place to good story telling!

Pennie and Steve were very excited about coming to my garage .... in fact ... they arrived 24 hours early!

That is keen

Along for the ride was Buddy... what a cool character he be!

Decked out in all the gear.... Buddy is a biker of the highest degree ... so cool

We had such a great shoot together, both bikes looked amazing in my garage.

Thank you friends for wanting to work with me... it was time well spent!

“Carl’s Garage” - where Buddy gets all the chics

At my age, you tend to be a pretty good judge of character when you meet people for the first time... So it was a real pleasure when these two fine humans, rode into my studio for a shoot yesterday.

Genuine, down to earth and friendly people... I am quite selective about my time spent working, as I like to get my work/life balance correct... and when my time is spent with people like Sandy and Robbie, creating cool images for them... It is time well spent.

We were born in the coolest decade, so the music that flowed on through the afternoon, had us all singing and laughing our way through the shoot. Ma Baker... does it get any better?

Thank you friends for travelling the distance that you have, to come and work with me. If ever you are passing through this way, I make a pretty cool coffee, please stop in.

“Carl’s Garage” - where you from you sexy thing

Tony has followed my work for some time now and when his wife asked him what he wanted for a birthday present..... a shoot in “Carl’s Garage” was his prompt reply!

As he rode up my driveway, I could see the biggest smile on his face... this was so freaking cool!

I love it when I get to work with people that have supported and followed my adventure.

Absolutely Love it!

The positive vibe in the studio was so very tangible!

His bike.... an immaculate Fatboy 40,000kms old and looking like it had just rolled out of the dealership! This is Tony’s first Harley and he is so very proud of it!

Craig's wife had bought him a gift voucher, to have a shoot with me some time ago...... life has a funny way of getting in the way some times, but we finally got together, just one day before he was about to say goodbye to this beautiful CVO and hello to his new ride.

A few of his brothers have already stood before me, so he was excited to finally get here.  This is a beautiful motorcycle, the build quality, the design and the overallfinish.... all immaculate.

Thank you Craig... it was very easy to spend some time with you today creating these images. Can't wait to see the new ride brother

"Carl's Garage" - come one come all

What a fantastic day today was....rose early, smashed out 300kms on my Ninja, then returned home to a photoshoot with Kerry Conn and his kids.

Kerry has been here before, very early in the series, but returned today with his family and his brand new Z900RS!

I turned to his family and said..... “ How freaking cool is your 67 year old Dad!!!!

They laughed

What followed was a 3 hour shoot that was both relaxed and fun, all great communicators, all good people..... doesn’t get any better.

Thank you Kerry, you rock brother.... and remember...if you ever need extra space in your shed...the Z can stay here

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink say no more!

My wordage will be brief tonight my friends, as I am tired. Stay cool and have a sensational weekend



It was 5 o’clock last night when I hit the kitchen, I wanted to cook something nice for my girls and I turned to my beautiful wife and said..... I got this!

My shoot is not until 6pm

I can prep, cook and enjoy something special in that time!

I sweetened the deal with a 101 Bourbon, ran my knives across my well worn steel.....and I began

what followed was a wild blur of sights and sounds and smells which resulted in a beautiful meal for all

feeling quite chuffed and well fed, I washed up and headed out to the studio with just minutes to spare before the Davies family was about to arrive.....

only to find that the Kitchen clock had not been taken off daylight savings time yet!!!!!!


what a start to the evening

One hour later, right on the stroke of 6pm.... the real 6pm, Glen came in to land on his exquisite 2012 Heritage Deluxe, with his family not far behind him.

My studio lit up when this family entered.... what a beautiful family it be.... and we began.

This is a stunning motorcycle on so many levels

I would turn for this bike! .... and that is a big call

Thank you Glen, the shoot flew by which is a sign of how much fun I was having. Your family rocks and so does your bike

“Carl’s Garage” - I wouldn’t really turn... Jap rider for life

what an awesome weekend .. lots of great bikes and people

Kimmie and Dave came to my studio today and we had such a great shoot. I have worked with Kimmie before...in fact she was the very first female biker in the series and I had to stop myself from saying that when she arrived.... Why should I genderise someone...she is as much a biker as any man I have ever known.

Ridden for most of her adult life on a huge variety of bikes.

Dave brought a laid back and very cool energy to the shoot. His background on the tools, saw his eyes light up when I revealed the garage from behind the black velvet.... he had so much connection with all of the cool old stuff I have.

Thanks guys this was a fun shoot and I loved creating these images for you....

Cool People + Cool bikes = Great photos!

“Carl’s Garage” - Kabooooooom!

One shoot down and I have 90 minutes to caffeinate, feed and reset the studio ..... for two men were blasting up the freeway, keen to be shot, bugs in their teeth , fuel burning between their legs ....

it was on!

I like to be surprised, go in to a session with absolutely no idea of what I am about to shoot and when Phil and Mick came in to land, I was grinning like a bloody Cheshire Cat from ear to ear....

look at these damn machines!!!!!

Hell Yes!

These boys work hard and ride hard and their Harleys are bloody beautiful.

Each bike as unique as the men that rode in on them!

We laughed, exchanged stories and created amazing images together.

This was a good shoot

Thank you fellas, us 1960’s babies are pretty cool, even if I do say so myself

“Carl’s Garage” - sparkling like a Vampire from the Twilight Series!


Two shoots down and I am doing fine...... I have two hours to do dinner, a Makers Mark, reset my studio and be standing in my drive with open arms and a big smile.

Craig did some serious travel to come and work with me

a Kiwi living in Queensland.... no stranger to doing the miles.

Now I know I often say that I can hear bikes coming from a few suburbs away.... but let me tell you something, I think I heard this one come across the border.

I am not kidding

I didn’t know what to expect, but when he rode his Rocker up and in to my studio, my brain went in to overdrive, thinking about how to capture it’s beautiful lines and wicked lighting.

Stand back and hold my beer!

What followed was a fun and creative session, I wanted to get the balance of bike light to studio light correct... This took a little while and then when we had the right combination of exposure time and artificial light....we began.  So cool and such a stunning machine

Thank you brother for travelling the miles that you did

I love what we created together.... way cool

“Carl’s Garage” - Bling Bling!

After a hectic weekend, I set up the studio this morning for a shoot with Jenny and her pride and joy.... her first motorcycle.... Angel

You can see the pride in Jenny’s eyes when she looks at her bike.

I remember feeling the same way about my first bike, over 40 years ago. And it was blue!

It is a cool thing to see

Jenny is a beautiful human, who helps people in her daily grind... I have so much respect for people like her...


So much respect!

I wanted to get stuck in to it as I knew this bike would light up beautifully.... and it did!

This being the first 250 in the series and also the first in this stunning blue colour. Thank you sister for coming to my studio today and of course to Jason for gifting this shoot to Jenny

“Carl’s Garage” - I like good people

Sadly my neighbour’s stringy bark tree had to come down today..... it had become quite dangerous.

I set up a gopro to do a time lapse of the process for the arborist, as he was such a polite and nice young fella, I wanted to do something cool for him.

They arrived early, prepped all of their tools, stood for a while to map out a plan of attack..... and then it was on!

Bloody amazing is all I can say !

So here I am sitting on my newly built front deck, monitoring the gopro and chatting with my daughters, when a message came through to say Tim and Anne were just a few minutes away!

Shit Shit Shit!!!!!

I had not looked at my diary for the day’s work and was completely engrossed in the adventure before me!

My daughters laughed and said “Slow Down Dad” as I spun around like a Whirling Dervish, getting things set up for a shoot.... so naughty!

They arrived with big smiles on their faces and we began

Anne bought Tim a gift voucher, for a shoot with me way back in August last year!

These guys work hard and finding a day that saw them both free for a shoot, was quite a challenge

Well....today we made it happen and it was an awesome shoot!  What a great couple, big characters, great communicators.... it was a fun shoot

Thank you friends, I enjoyed working with you and how cool was it to stop every now and then to watch the fellas at work!

“Carl’s Garage” - I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok, I sleep all night and I work all day. I cut down trees, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra..... I wish I was a girly, just like my dear Papa

When I started the “Carl’s Garage” series, it was born out of necessity, for the world situation had stopped my business.... dead in it’s tracks ...I had to reinvent myself.

What else was I passionate about?

Bikes of course!

And it is this passion, that makes creating great images for like minded people, a really cool thing to do!

Sally and Lisa jumped on to their beautiful Indians and rode from Canberra to Newcastle, to come and work with me ....

Massive respect for this sisters.... thank you

They came up last night and chilled at an apartment nearby and we got an early start today.

These are beautiful bikes, I am a big fan of Indians.... I have not shot many of them at all. They feel incredibly light when you lift them off the side stand and I bet they are fun to ride.

Ladies, thank you for doing the miles and thank you for being the cool humans that you are... it was a fun shoot.... you both Rock!

“Carl’s Garage” - where the ladies do the bigger miles than the men!

James first saw my photography on social media, quite a while ago and he knew straight up... that he wanted to be part of it!

When he arrived, he had this huge grin on his face and told me that it was going to be very difficult not to smile in the photos... I laughed and I said that is fine and I am happy that he was excited to be here.

This gorgeous Harley Davidson is his pride and joy and he loves it just as it is... I believe it was of the same birth year as himself which I think is really cool!

It was so nice to meet you today brother and your passion for motorcycles is a beautiful thing to see... I love these images that we have created together.

James has asked me to create a poster design as well and that will follow soon friends...



“Carl’s Garage” - living life one day at a time

As Leon rode into my driveway it was like watching Optimus Prime approach...

His BMW is quite an amazing machine and something to behold and Leon himself, is a big bear of a man ... so the combination of rider and bike, was a very impressive sight indeed.

This was the first time I had been up close and personal with one of these motorcycles.This is a Carl size bike! There are very few of them out there, as I am a big bugger.

The level of finish and build quality that has gone into this design, is of the highest standard... Something you would expect from this company.

It was quite some time before I actually took a photograph, as I wanted to talk about this bike with Leon first.

This is a grown-ups bike

and one day when I grow up, I would definitely like to own one. Thank you brother for sharing the love as you do, as it is most humbly appreciated. I enjoyed our time together today and your motorcycle looked amazing in my garage.

“Carl’s Garage” - slick or knobbly, all

are welcome

Much to my beautiful wife‘s dismay... I am not a very organised person. I don’t think it is possible to be creative and organised... It is just something I have never had a good handle on, ever!

Luke sent me a message and asked if he could come over for a photo shoot of his new Harley and with his daughter Maddie and her new Ninja... Of course my friend was my reply and so we set a time and a day in our calendars.

Luke rode in on this stunning CVO and I turned to say hello to his daughter... When I turned back , Luke had taken off his helmet and I thought to myself... I know this man!

Luke has already been here before on his previous Harley Davidson, a stunning Breakout...

I probably would have known that, if I had been more organised in my behaviour, as I have three Lukes in my contact list and none of them have surnames

“Luke garage”, “garage Luke” and “Luke garage shoot”

So with a dazed and confused look on my face I gave him a hug hello and we got started... Well we almost got started because I had two brand-new motorcycles to look at and being a Kawasaki man for the last 40 years, the

Ninja really caught my eye... We certainly didn’t have motorcycles like that to ride when we were still on our L plates!

I smiled and told Luke that his Harley Davidson was still amazing.  There were a lot of things I liked about Luke’s new bike but two that really caught my eye.... were the almost 1970s-ish decals on the bike and those wheels! I’m not sure how many of you have seen these up close and personal but they are quite a spectacular piece of engineering...

Made of some magical compound that is probably stronger than steel and lighter than plastic... Luke laughed and said they have to add something that is light weight as there is not much change out of 400 kg!!!

This is a big bike, a big beautiful bike and it looked amazing under my lights.

Then we rolled Maddie’s Ninja into the set and it’s sharp lines and modern design looked the bomb. Such a beautiful finish on these bikes and so many clever elements to the design... Great stopping power, quality tyres, superlight clutch and the list goes on and on ...such a cool bike.

Thank you for returning to my garage brother and for bringing along Maddie with her first ride. I really enjoyed the shoot and creating these images for you

“Carl’s Garage” – Family matters


Paul has followed my work for some time now... We first met on a ride that was organised for a Z owners Facebook group, that a dear brother of mine and I run... It was a great turnout and there were lots of really cool motorcycles there.

His wife bought him a gift voucher for a birthday present and he was very excited to come and get some images of this beautiful Kawasaki taken.

I’m sure most of you know that I am a Kawasaki man and have been for nearly 4 decades, so it was with great pleasure, that I got to photograph this awesome machine!

I have ridden one of these bikes and they go like the absolute clappers, they stop on a dime and they launch up into effortless wheel stands with only the twist of a wrist.... all boxes ticked I would say!

Paying homage to the classic Zeds of the 1970s... Kawasaki has done a cracker of a job with this motorcycle. I would own one in a heartbeat.

Paul is a Newcastle lad and we had so many common links in our past, thatmade the conversation flow very freely and the time went by quickly.

He has the same sickness that I do and a tendency to misbehave on this bike... But can you blame him?

I can remember when I took one of these for a test ride and the sales rep at the shop said... If the front wheel comes up just go with it as they are fairly comfortable on one wheel! I don’t think he realised he was saying that to someone who had done thousands of wheel stands on Japanese superbikes!

Thank you brother for loving the images I create for people and for wanting to come and be part of this cool series. I like good people and you tick that box Paul.

“Carl’s Garage” - where the front tyre is often off the ground

Thinking of my brother Leon

When Peter and Vanessa came into land on this beautiful Harley Davidson, there was about 4 inches space on either side as they rode through the door!

And... he did it at speed! Just for that brief moment my heart skipped a beat and I held my breath...

What I hadn’t realised was that they had just ridden all the way down from the Gold Coast.... just to work with me!

What a beautiful mark of respect that is, for what I create... Travelling so far and organising a holiday with my studio as the destination!

Vanessa happily told me that she struggled to get Peter to take a holiday, as he was such a damn hard worker... and that he has been very excited about coming down here

This means so much to me personally, when people are excited to work with me... It is very cool!

We laughed, we shared stories and we created cool images together. Time well spent I’d say

I told them a story that I have shared many times before, of how my Mum taught my sisters and I, to see beauty in absolutely everything... Everybody is beautiful and everything is beautiful...

Violence is ugly, racism is ugly... But people are beautiful! Mum would find a leaf while she was out on her regular walks and she would wait till we all got home from school and would show us the colours and textures in the leaf. The leaf would then live on the mantelpiece for the next 20 years ... she was an amazing woman my mum.

When I shared the story, Vanessa smiled and Peter said that she had been gathering leaves on this journey!

I just had to photograph them.

Thank you for travelling the distance that you did guys... You rock! I really enjoyed creating these images for you and with you.

“Carl’s Garage” - where everything and everyone is beautiful

I could see Mummas grabbing their children and running inside and the colour draining from the faces, of the local men mowing their lawns, as this couple road into town!

Paula and Darren came into land and the walls of my studio shook violently!

This shoot had been planned for sometime now and today we got together and created some really cool images.

I love it when I get to meet people who have followed my work for as long as these guys have. It means so much to me and to finally be in the same room to be able to thank them and create beautiful images for them, is a very special thing indeed.

These guys had ridden down from Queensland to work with me and you all know how I feel about bikers that do the miles... So much respect

As we shared stories and created images, it was so nice that they knew about the motorcycles and people I was speaking about, as they have followed my journey and the creation of this series... So cool

Darren has tried very hard to blow both of his hands off in rather horrific accidents, yet he still rides hard and will do so, for as long as he can. With a razor sharp knife and axes strapped to the bike, he is ready for the upcoming zombie holocaust

Pity the fool that cuts him off in traffic on a bad day

Thank you friends I really enjoyed today and I am humbled by the distance you have travelled to work with me.You guys rock

“Carl’s Garage” - I have a new stator to fit to my old Z and already I am in the fetal position on the ground sucking my thumb in fear... just saying

I am shooting every day for a while friends.... stay tuned

What does freedom mean to you?

When I ride my motorcycle, there is a sense of freedom.

My entire being is focused on the bike beneath me, the sounds, the power, the corners and even the warm sun on my back.

Any worries or concerns that I might have, are pushed back into another part of my mind, to be dealt with later... for right now, I am riding my motorcycle.

Luke and I discussed this today, when he came to my studio for a shoot, he understands this sense of freedom that bike riding gives us... It is a very cool thing indeed.

It doesn’t matter what you ride, where you ride or who you ride with. Motorbikes have that beautiful affect on us all.

One of the things I love about creating this series of images, is capturing the pride people have in their bikes... Luke loves this motorcycle and it was very easy to capture that today.

Thank you for being so keen to work with me brother, you brought a really positive energy into my studio and I enjoyed creating these images for you.

“Carl’s Garage” - Ride Hard...Ride Often

When I started this series of images, I hoped that it would be popular... I needed to find a new way to make a living and I was so happy, when the images that I started creating, were well received.

What I didn’t think would happen, was that people were going to travel great distances to come and work with me.

Andrenna and David got onto their bikes and headed south... Not from a neighbouring suburb ... but from another state!

Three of the last five shoots, have traveled from Queensland..

How freaking awesome is that!

They arrived on two immaculate motorcycles and we had the most amazing shoot together.  It is so cool when I get to meet people like this... Relaxed, confident and great communicators and of course... passionate bikers!

Then when I get to show them how stunning their bikes are, on the back of my camera, it is a very special moment for me.

They came along with a friend Tom, who had worked with me once before and it was when they saw his images, that they started following the series on my social media pages. It was lovely, that whenever I spoke about another shoot that had happened, that they both knew the bike and rider that I was talking about

I am truly humbled by this.

Thank you so much for doing the miles and I really enjoyed working with you to create these cool images.

Go hard you good people!

“Carl’s Garage” - where shoes are only worn for riding

When I photograph people here in my garage, I asked them not to smile and simply look at the camera, because our story is in our face, our eyes, wrinkles, scars etc.

Not only did I want to photograph Stephen’s face, but his hands told an amazing story… of a man that has worked very hard, his entire life.

When he rode into my studio on this gorgeous motorcycle, I couldn’t believe what amazing condition it was in....for a motorcycle of its age…

He cares about this bike and that really shows. He was so proud to share his story of ownership and we exchanged many a yarn, as we worked together today.

We had a fantastic shoot and I loved creating these images for him.

“Carl’s Garage” - rider for life