Sometimes the people that I photograph are far more interesting than the motorcycles they ride in on. The characters I get to photograph are fantastic and so different.

When Mick rolled into my garage today he had a huge smile on his face and I greeted him with a hug.

Then I turned to look at this beautiful machine of his and it had the most amazing paintwork I had seen, in quite some time. A limited-edition colour scheme that sparkled under my lights.  Forget the bike, forget the sparkly paint and there is something I just want to point out.In the two hours that Mick and ZZ were here in my studio... Mick offered no less than on six occasions to help me as I was moving things around the garage.

He didn’t have to do this, he could’ve just sat and watched as I worked, but no... He went out of his way to see if he could help me and he did it often!

That tells me a lot about the sort of person that Mick is.... and I have nothing but respect for that.

ZZ came along for the ride today and I couldn’t let him leave without shooting some quick portraits of him and his wild mane.

Cheers fellers, it was a pleasure to meet you both today... Ride hard ride often


“Carl’s Garage” - it is nice to be nice

and hang on...

The story continues on

The Shoots Archive #8

Matthew gave me a call and asked if he could come over for a shoot in my garage.

“Of course”...was my response. He was really excited that he had just bought this bike as he had wanted one for sometime. He asked if he could bring family as well... “Of course”... was my response.

When he arrived it was very difficult to take a photograph of him not smiling as he had a huge grin on his face.

My take on the situation... This driven and focused young couple work their absolute arses off and it was so nice to see the excitement Matthew had with this new bike, as a reward for the hard work these guys put in. Seriously...

I think they must see each other for 90 minutes each day as they push forward with their work and careers and commitments.

It was lovely to be able to capture these images for them... This is a “before” series of images as Matthew plans to change this bike dramatically and I will look forward to seeing where he takes it.

“Carl’s Garage” - hard work in... mad bikes out

Dom rides motorcycles ... Dom does the miles!

Dom has put over 160,000 km on this Road King and will continue to burn fuel and do the miles, for he is a passionate biker, set to level 10.

He has followed my work for some time and we finally got together today. When I looked closely at this motorcycle, I could see the scars of the milage covered, but I could also see how it had been lovingly cared for.

I have nothing but complete respect for bikers like Dom... He has done the miles and he has also kept this bike in amazing condition.

Thank you brother for wanting to be photographed in my garage and for bringing your beautiful bike here today.

“Carl’s Garage” - where respect is measured in miles ridden

Bless me father, for I have sinned.

For last night, I crossed the line... A line that should not be crossed... I photographed a Hayabusa

Forget Holden versus Ford...

Forget Vegemite versus Marmite,

this is the real deal...

For the true king of the hyper bikes title, will forever be battled out between a Hayabusa and my ZX14

There can be only one!

Mark was very excited about coming to work with me and he told me that he went right back through many of my images to see if I had photographed a Busa yet... he was very excited to see that I had not. Mark's boss had bought him a gift certificate for a shoot with me.... what a cool boss hey

He also knew that I like to be surprised so he did not tell me what he was coming on.

I was standing in the doorway listening out for his arrival and I had no idea what it was, as he entered my street. All I could hear was Japanese superbike... large capacity

Then, when he came into sight, I let out a big laugh and a huge smile crept across my face...And there it was...

The mighty Hayabusa.

All jokes aside... What an insane motorcycle this is... Lightweight ridiculous amounts of power and this is one of the primal versions of this motorcycle... They did dumb them down a little by adding all the rider assist technology over the years but not on this one.

Dialled in and kitted out with a power commander five... This thing absolutely hammers.

Thank you Mark for bringing my evil nemesis to my studio... I will see you in my mirrors sometime, out there on the highway... And that is where you shall stay brother

“Carl’s Garage” - there can be only one

When Jesse contacted me, he asked if I could keep the shoot quiet, as it was a surprise 60th birthday present for his father. He tee’d it up with his dad‘s cousin to come along for the run and told him that they had to come into Wallsend, to pick up someone else for the ride.

They pulled up out the front of my place and waved for his dad to ride up the driveway... He paused and looked up the driveway to see me and instantly recognised me from social media and I could see this huge smile come across his face and he started calling his son all sorts of names, that I can’t really mention here and in between those names... He kept saying that this was the coolest present ever, for he had followed my work ever since I started shooting bikes and it was something that he really wanted to do one day.

This was awesome!

We have lots of mutual friends, the conversation flowed freely and the images were really cool that we were creating.

Jesse was so excited that his dad really had no idea that this was going to happen and he had a huge smile on his face the whole time... Except of course when I was taking photographs

Jesse‘s father is a private man and asked if I would not share the images of him on social media but was more than happy for me to share his bike and I have nothing but complete respect for that because we have that choice in life.

Thanks for organising today mate it was lovely to see the surprise on yourdad‘s face and all of the kind things he said along the way made me feel pretty special about the images I create for people.

“Carl’s Garage” - The gift that just keeps giving

Warren was very excited to come and work with me today and bugger me... It was his 60th birthday today as well!

Go figure

He asked if he could bring his son along, as he didn’t have many good images of the two of them together.

Of course was my reply.

When he rolled down my road and arrived, the afternoon sun made his bike glisten like a vampire from the Twilight series.

Warren works in paint... so it was no surprise that this bike was immaculately painted in the coolest colour... A gold metallic underbase with a tinted clear made this deep glowing red colour light up amazingly under my studio equipment.

A glossy vibrant colour on top of a bike with both retro and futuristic lines... I do like these bikes they are a unique design and they don’t try to copy anybody else they just set about designing something that was awesome to look at and great to ride and they achieved it.

Warren I really enjoyed our time together today brother ... both you and your son Michael are very cool people and welcome back here any time... even just for a coffee.

As promised friends, more bikes to follow tomorrow and through the week... Busy times indeed

“Carl’s Garage” - I can’t believe I photographed a Hayabusa yesterday... Let go of it Carl... It is okay, they will understand

Hey friends... What a great day today was.

Cool people, cool motorcycles and cool photographs.

I heard the incoming bikes and watched them ride on past my driveway as they had completely forgotten what number my house was.

That road captain was sacked I thought to myself

What followed was a fun couple of hours with good people, good conversation and beautiful motorcycles to photograph.

Thank you friends for travelling the miles that you did to come and work with me and for following my work as you do.

It is humbly appreciated

“Carl’s Garage” - I have a thing for stainless steel ... mmmmmmm stainnnnlesssss

I know how difficult it can be sometimes, to organise free time in your life. So when people are given a gift voucher for a shoot, I am really flexible as to when they make their way here to my studio.

The universe kept working against Dave, with regards to getting here...

Work commitments and the weather gods, kept getting in the way!

Well today, the planets aligned.

Dave is a straight up sort of guy, hard-working, hard riding Aussie bloke... The sort of guy that you know exactly where you stand with him... I like that in a person.

No bullshit

Cheers brother for liking what I do, I enjoyed our shoot together today, so it was time well spent.

“Carl’s Garage” - no bullshit

I had a fantastic shoot today with three very cool individuals... Joseph, Monya and Rex!

As I have mentioned before, the motorcycles I get to photograph are fantastic, but it is the people that I work with, that I enjoy the most... All so wonderfully different, so unique...

And then there was Rex...

What a beautiful dog he be.

Rex lived on a farm for the first three years of his life, neglected and shown no love at all... Then along this beautiful couple came and gave him the life that a dog deserves.

He was so calm and so easy to work with, as I made ridiculous sounds from behind my black velvet, to get his attention.

Full marks to Monya and Joseph for holding straight faces, while I spoke German Shepherd to Rex.

My dog speak is a little rusty, although I am well versed in many animal languages, as I created greeting cards for nearly 15 years, which saw me photograph all creatures great and small.

Thank you friends for travelling down to my humble studio with your beautiful boy. I enjoyed our time together and it was fun working with Rex...

“Carl’s Garage” - For all creatures great and small... Even Suzuki riders!

Chris was given a gift voucher for a photo shoot here in my garage, last September, on Father’s Day... and today was the first time he allowed himself some spare time to do this.

This fella works hard for a living and in the three hours that he spent here today, he took 97 phone calls and still managed to look bloody awesome on his motorcycle at the same time...

On both his motorcycles.

His beautiful daughter Christie Lee, rode his Heritage here, so we could shoot both bikes today... I told her that the bike looks great with her and that her dad should give it to her. Then she would be able to cut loose on her KTM on track days... As she does... And then look fully gangster on this cool Heritage Softail

Keep working on him mate... He will crack under pressure I reckon. I could see the pride in his eyes when he saw you upon his bike... That was verycool.

Chris and Judy have done 195,000,000 miles on that heritage and simply could not part with it when they decided to buy this CVO... Great move!

I wish I’d kept every motorcycle I have ever owned as I am sure most of you do.

This was a fantastic shoot and I really enjoyed my time with this family. Hard-working, hard riding, down to earth Aussies... My kind of people.

“Carl’s Garage” - go on brother... give it to her

1st to arrive for today’s shoot was Graham on his motorcycle, Optimus Prime....

The affectionate name I assign to motorcycles of this nature, for they are very imposing indeed!

Add to this Graham is a big bugger himself.

These are a beautifully made machine and the level of finish is what you expect of the brand. There are not many bikes that I feel are made for men of my size, but this one definitely ticks that box.

Very cool.

Justin soon arrived with his new Honda. He wanted to get images of this bike as well, as he has done with his other beautiful machine. I am a big fan of red motorcycles, having owned many of them and the paintwork on this bike was absolutely beautiful.

I am also a big fan of belly pans... They just look cool... end of story.  Justin is a passionate motorcycle rider and he speaks with great enthusiasm about every aspect of his bike life. There is a spark in his eye when he talks about bikes.

Thank you friends for doing the miles to come to my humble garage. Such great contrast between riders and motorcycles made for great images today.

“Carl’s Garage” - now say six hail marys and put money in the basket you naughty naughty Hayabusa shooting photographer

Can’t believe I did that.

Invited Satan in to my studio in the form of a Japanese hyper bike

When Christina and Marshall rode down my street, I had absolutely no idea what they were on, until they came in to view...

Then two immaculate Suzukis rode up my driveway and in to my studio. These motorcycles look like they had just rolled off the showroom floor, but they are ridden often and they have done some serious miles on both these bikes.

They obviously care for and maintain them, as all bikes should be.

It was really lovely to see the pride in their faces, as I was showing them the back of the camera, when photographing each of their rides...

Very cool

Thank you friends for wanting to work with me, I like good people and it was a very relaxed photo shoot indeed.

Even if my Ninja looked a little sad, as I was singing the praises of your Suzukis

“Carl’s Garage” - showing some serious Suzuki love since 2021

I am a little partial to red motorcycles, having owned many of them, so when Michael and Lynette arrived on their beautiful Harley Davidsons, it put a huge smile on my face to see Michael’s glorious red bike.

Red bikes go faster!

These guys work hard and ride hard and they do it often... Both here and overseas.

Michael is about to sell this bike and he wanted to get some great images of it before this happened.

I really enjoyed our time together friends... Sharing stories, listening to good music and creating cool images... We rocked out to Elvis Presley and it was time well spent.

Thank you

Thank you very much

“Carl’s Garage” - where leather capes and gyrating hips go hand in hand

When Mark rode up my driveway and in to my studio, I could see this big smile forming across his face... He was excited to be here.

I had just returned from a five hour blast on my hyperbike and I was keen to create cool images with him and his beautiful faatboy.

I greet people with a hug and it can be quite confronting, as I am 6‘4“ and 300lbs. Mark met my hug with equal enthusiasm and respect.

As I have said before ... I like good people... plain and simple, real people that live real lives. This man works hard and rides hard... both here and overseas and I have nothing but complete respect for that.

When he brought this beautiful motorcycle into my studio, I knew I could create amazing images with it as he has kept it in concourse condition, regardless of the miles done.

This man rides hard and he rides often but he also cares for his bike in a fashion that it deserves!

Thank you brother for wanting to work with me and for bringing this beautiful machine to my studio.

“Carl’s Garage” - where motorcycles are immortalised.

A few weeks back, I went to my local shopping centre, to pick up some groceries and when I got out of my car, I noticed a motorcycle shining in the afternoon sun.

I stopped to look at it and for the life of me, I did not know what it was. The owner was standing next to the bike and I wandered over to say hello. Hag was more than happy to have a chat and show me his beautiful motorcycle.

There were so many things I liked about this bike, so I asked him if he would bring it over to my studio, to be photographed.

He said “what was your name again?”

“Carl” I said

A big smile formed on his face and he told me that a friend of his, was only just showing him “Carl‘s Garage” recently and here I was asking if I couldphotograph his bike!

It’s started life 18 months ago, as a very ordinary T140 and along the way, it transformed into this unique and beautiful motorcycle.

The standard of finish and the very clever choices that he has made, has created a bike that not only looks spectacular, but is a great ride as well. My dear brother Trip was here for the shoot today and the three of us shared stories, discussed this awesome build and had a laugh along the way.

From the custom-made exhaust to his own unique tank badges, from top to bottom, front to back... this is a very special motorcycle indeed

When you live in a town long enough, there are only so many degrees of separation and the longer we talked, the more names we both knew... I spoke of Speedway, we both knew Scotty Sunderland, I spoke of bike building and we both knew Tony Fitzpatrick and the list went on.

Thank you Hag, for bringing your fine motorcycle to my garage. I really enjoyed our time spent together and creating these cool images with you. It makes me wonder just how many amazing bikes like this one, are hidden away out there, lovingly built by enthusiasts like Hag. A man who has ridden his entire life, done the hard yards and still builds and rides awesome motorcycles.

If I had not seen this bike in that carpark and walked over to say hello, these images would not have happened and this beauty would not have been shared.

“Carl’s Garage” - for all bikes great and small, matching number or full custom... All are welcome

A friend of mine once spoke about Erik and told me that there were very few people in Australia, that knew more about classic Kawasaki Zeds, than this man.

A mysterious character that was held in such high esteem!

12 months later, when I had finished bringing my Z back to life, our paths crossed on social media.

I was down on the Central Coast riding my beautiful Z and in my mirrors I saw a bike approaching at warp speed... Next thing I know here is Erik on his Eddie Lawson Replica, flagging me down to say G’day.

It was so nice to meet the man that I had heard so much about.Those of you that know Erik, know that when he builds a motorcycle, he does not do it by halves... In fact he multiplies it and then some.

We were speaking one day on the phone and he said... Carl, I am building a special... a red special.

I could only begin to imagine what this bike would turn out like and I was not to be disappointed.

Erik has taken a classic Kawasaki, an underpowered and poor handling super bike from the past and turned it into an absolute weapon!

This bike hammers and handles like a modern hyper bike and no expense has been spared in getting it right.

I have been asking Erik for some time, to bring this beautiful motorcycle to my studio, so I could photograph it and finally today the planets aligned, so that we could do this!

There are too many things for me to list, with regards the modifications that have happened, but the pictures tell a large part of the story.

Thank you brother for riding up here today, I really enjoyed spending a few hours with you, talking motorcycles and creating cool images.

Thank you also for the time spent on the suspension of my Ninja as well, most humble appreciated. Your words of wisdom are always taken on board.

“Carl’s Garage”... Where cool is measured in decades

One of the really cool things that is happening now, is that people are setting “Carl’s Garage” as a destination for a road trip.

Peter contacted me a while back, to set a date and time for his friends and himself to come and work with me. Yesterday they arrived early and we got stuck into it.

They had just ridden down from Queensland the day before...

Massive respect for this friends.

Three Harleys and a Triumph, meant that the back-and-forth banter was hilarious throughout the shoot. We had a lot of laughs and created so many cool images.

Thank you friends for collectively taking out the longest distance travelled.  This means a lot to me.

“Carl’s Garage” - ride hard ride often

Now I just need this rain to bugger off so I can take my ZX14 out for a run as a dear brother of mine dialled in the suspension for me yesterday and I can’t wait to go out and tear it up on some winding bends to see how it handles.

Michael sent me a message and asked if he could bring his bike over for a photo shoot in my garage. I asked him what he was riding now and it put a big smile on my face when he sent me a pic and I saw what it was.

As I am sure some of you know, I ride a ZX14 myself, so I couldn’t wait to get both of the bikes in to the garage and shoot them together.

When Michael talks about motorcycles he talks with the passion and excitement of a teenage boy... It is just awesome to see. These motorcycles curl my whiskers as they are something else and this is the second one that Michael has owned.

I fired it up to have a listen to it in the quiet of my studio and the engine is tight and smooth and responsive and sounded bloody amazing.

Thank you brother for returning once again with another stunning motorcycle. I love the exhaust note that your bike has in contrast to the sound of mine, so I really look forward to us going for a run one-day and hit it hard on a mountain pass together, so that I can hear both bikes on full note... That will be exciting.

“Carl’s Garage” - so you think your Suzuki is fast... That is cute

P.s. of course Suzukis are fast, it is just an unwritten law that I must disrespect them being a Kawasaki man through and through

My dear brother Brad and I, go way back ... We rode skateboards together as kids and when I got my first motorcycle, he gave me a pair of his father’s leather gauntlets, to protect my hands.

I still have them

Brad was a national champion weightlifter, who trained with my father inour family gymnasium and when we get together, we laugh and talk about those days, they were good days and my dad was a good bloke, that we both miss.

A truly great friendship and always has been, now coming up on nearly five decades long.

So you can imagine the smile on my face when his son Egan, asked if I would do some photographs of the two of them, now that he had just bought his first motorcycle....

So very cool!

What followed was a fun shoot with lots of laughter and great stories shared.

Thank you Egan for wanting to do this with your dad and I .... It was my pleasure.

“Carl’s Garage” - brothers and sisters I have many and for that reason, I feel blessed.

12 months ago, I photographed a young fella called Kris, a likeable lad, with his first Harley Davidson.

He enjoyed the shoot so much, that he returned just a few months later with his next Harley Davidson! (but that is another story...

Before he left, he asked if he could buy a gift voucher for a brother. Today that brother, Glenn, arrived with two beautiful motorcycles for me to photograph.

I am a bit of a fan of shovel heads. A simply beautiful and very cool engine, then when I saw that the second bike was a springer, it put a huge smile on my face, as I am particularly fond of them as well.

Win win!

Those of you that know Glenn, know that he is a very laid-back, talented and interesting character. The three hours we worked together, passed very quickly, as the conversation flowed freely and I really enjoyed the time spent, creating these images.

Thank you brother, for bringing these two beautiful motorcycles to my studio to be photographed today.

“Carl’s Garage” - go on... You know you want to

When you live as long as I do... One would hope that you gain a certain amount of wisdom. The ability to immediately tell whether you like someone or not, is a wisdom learned of age...

I believe I have that wisdom.

From the moment Tim arrived, I knew immediately, that I was going to enjoy this photo shoot and the time spent creating cool images with him. And so it was. Tim is a top bloke... straight up!

He has a very cool job, with one of the greatest offices in the world... Newcastle Harbour!

He captains the dredge that keeps the harbour functioning, for the giant ships that trade here. It was so interesting talking ships and engines and stuff... Engineering stuff, that I really like talking about.

When I threw my leg over his BMW for the first time, I was blown away with how light it felt and how low the centre of gravity was.

This is a bike built for a tall man and I felt right at home and the build quality of these bikes, is pretty bloody special.

Tim has done serious miles on this bike and loves it to bits!

Thank you brother, I really enjoyed meeting you today and creating these images for you.

Cheers for that very special gift you brought back to me after the shoot and it will feature in a very special place in Carl’s Garage #2

“Carl’s Garage” - flat twins faat twins horizontally opposed twins... all welcome. My first bike was a twin cylinder motorcycle... Some bastard stole it from me, rode it to the local bushland and set it on fire... life hey... what a great adventure

Damo jumped on this beautiful motorcycle and road east to my studio today, for his beautiful wife had bought him a gift voucher, for a shoot in my garage.

What followed was two hours of great conversation and very cool image making.

Damo had seen my work as I have shot several of his brothers, prior to today. All good men... All great shoots and time well spent.

Thank you brother... We talked about so many cool things today... Family, motorcycles, brotherhood and life in general. The portraits of you say a great deal about the life you have lived. They are very honest images of you and I loved creating them.

I can’t wait for the gates of hell to open once again so that my Southern friends can travel north to work with me... So many great bikes and cool people waiting... Waiting... Waiting.

“Carl’s Garage” - playing by the rules isn’t easy sometimes but we all have to do what we have to do... Learning every day. Stay positive friends

Well my friends... The howling south-westerlies stopped me from going for a ride today, but as promised... here be the images from this afternoon's shoot...

At last I am shooting again and it was great.

Shawn and his beautiful girls rocked up with these two wicked motorcycles. This was the first motorcross bike to be photographed in the “Carl's Garage” series and what a cracker of a bike it is...

Dirt bikes have certainly come along since my youth, when the crazy ring ding big bore two strokes ruled the roost.

His VTR, a perfect contrast to the green Demon. It's rumbly note sounded sweet as, a small nimble sports bike, that I reckon would be a lot of fun to ride.

Thank you brother, I really enjoyed our time together today creating these cool images and many others.

“Carl’s Garage” - We are open for Business! Boofriggunyeah!

p.s. Look out, shut the gate, close the door....... For tomorrow morning I RIDE!

Not all Motorcycles are created equal and today was a perfect example of that!

I first met Brett on social media when he commented on my images posted on Instagram. When I saw the beautiful work he did with postie bikes, I started following his story.

A few months later, I built Carl's Garage #1 and I was sitting looking at my phone, checking messages and social pages and I saw Brett put up a picture of his beautiful Harley Davidson. I asked if he could bring it down for me to photograph in this new set that I had built. He arrived on his exquisite bike and the very first images in the Carl’s Garage series were created.

A few months later, he brought me one of his beautiful postie bikes, that he had just finished building, for me to shoot.

Fast forward nearly 2 years and Brett rang me up and asked if he could bring down another bike for me to shoot. He saw that I was about to start photographing bikes in the second garage and wanted this bike to be shot there.

How fitting it was, that he was the first to be shot in Garage #1 and here he was.... the first in Garage #2!

When he arrived out the front, I had to put my sunglasses on, as the morning sun shot back at me from the gold bling on this motorcycle!

It is the attention to detail that really makes this bike special... Exquisite paint and cool design choices have created a beautiful bike indeed.

The before photo is in this post... it was a $600 bike to begin with!

This one is not for sale... This is a keeper.

Thank you so much Brett for being so supportive of what I create here and for once again, bringing me one of your beautiful creations.

“Carl’s Garage” - doing the best that I can

When Merrick saw that I was ready to go with garage number two, he immediately contacted me and asked if he could come and have hisbeautiful Ducati photographed in it.

“Yes please” was my resounding reply.

I haven’t photographed very many Ducatis and I am a big fan of them .... as they are just a stunning motorcycle.

The attention to detail and build quality is out of this world.

When I set up for a shoot, I often go inside my house to chill before the person arrives... and then, from off in the distance, comes the rumble of a motorcycle engine... my girls will call out... Here they come Dad!

Then I hop up and go out to greet them.

Merrick‘s bike has a wickedly mechanical note with its exposed dry clutch set up and finely tuned, V twin Italian power plant.

This bike is 20 years old and does not show its age at all, for Merrick has lovingly maintained it... His pride in this bike, a very tangible thing.

Having only photographed Brett’s postie bike in the new garage so far, I was very excited to have a beautiful superbike to work with and began the process, of learning all of the different angles and set ups, that I will be able to do in this new garage.

Merrick grew up in my town and is the same vintage as me as well. The conversation flowed freely and the time went by quickly.

I like good people.... Thank you Merrick

Needless to say, I am very happy with how this new garage looks and my goal was to have it look completely different to number one and I think I have achieved that.

So friends... Here is Merrick’s beautiful Ducati... Enjoy

Shannon called me up and asked if she could surprise her man, with a shoot for Father's Day. Both her and Ryan had been following my work for sometime and she thought it would be a cool present for him.

Today, Ryan and his beautiful family came over to my studio and we had an awesome time together, creating really cool images.

Ryan asked if he could bring his dog Tiger along... those of you that follow my story, know that a few months ago, I had both my knees ripped open by a blue cattle dog... So as you can imagine, I was a little gun shy, when Ryan asked this...

With his complete reassurance that Tiger was a big sook... I agreed.

And so she was!

A beautifully behaved, well trained and very friendly Rottweiler.

I had a beautiful Rottie myself for many years and it was so nice to havethis gorgeous dog in the studio.

Thank you so much guys... You have a beautiful family and it was fun getting together to create these images.

“Carl’s Garage” - “never work with children or animals” said the great actor WC Fields...

You got nothing bro

What a day... What a day!

I rose early to see a light cloud cover and no rain.

“Perfect” I said to myself... I’m gonna go for a ride. And ride I did!

I fired up my Bonnie and did a lap of Mount SugarRama.

Her beautiful throaty note, echoing across the hillside, as I made my way around.

Home again, I left my helmet on and pulled my Ninja out for a quick blast as well.

For today I was going to photograph Chris, Jackson and Chop the dog...

You know when you meet someone, straight up, whether you would like them or not... The moment these two men and this beautiful dog, walked into my studio, I knew this would be the case.

What followed was an awesome photo session, great conversation and the time was well spent.

Thanks Chris for wanting to come and get some cool photos taken today... You guys just have a really nice energy about you.

“Carl’s Garage” - Where nice begets nice

Several months ago, when I first started building Carl’s Garage #2 ... I had a plan.

I was going to keep the colours neutral and with the overall design to have a heavy metal/industrial/steampunk sort of feel to it.

The next important step was getting the bare bones right.

I measured out and cut my steel beams, so that it would create the perfect frame for a motorcycle... In particular... A Harley Davidson....Being the most popular bike in the series so far.

Well today my friends... My plan worked and worked beautifully. For Stephen arrived on the most beautifully painted, tricked up and wickedly powerful breakout, to fill that perfect frame for me.

And it did!   In bucketfuls!

Stephen’s amazing wife, bought him a gift voucher for a shoot and we couldn’t get together because of one reason or another until today, when the planets aligned.

I heard him coming from about 3 km away, as this bike doesn’t actually move along the road... The road moves underneath it!

The paintwork just took my breath away, when I saw it. You have to love candy apple paint ... but when it is applied perfectly, it takes it to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Thank you for bringing your motorcycle to my studio today brother and for being so patient while I shot the bajingees out of it.

I think you could tell I was pretty excited about the images we were creating today

Carl’s Garage - go on, you know you want to

Joel sent me a message and asked if I could take some photographs of his motorcycle for him. Attached to the message were some pictures of this wicked motorcross bike.

I knew this bike was mint, but I did not know just how special it was, until he arrived at my studio.

I have ridden road bikes all my life and dirt bikes scare me ... and rightly so!

Back when this motorcycle was brand-new, way back in 1982... I was terrorising the neighbourhood on a fuel injected 1100 Kawasaki... I would think nothing of lighting it up through corners and exiting on the back wheel... But if you asked me to throw a leg over a bike like Joel’s ... I would be a nervous wreck and quite hesitant to do so.

Madness, is a good way to describe a YZ490 I believe!Joel has painstakingly brought this motorcycle back to concourse condition.

When I asked him about the seat, he told me that he did it himself! I asked if he had a background in that trade and he just smiled and said... I reckon that if another fella can do it... Then so can I :)

I love that can-do attitude... Much respect for having a crack at anything and everything.

So my friends, here be the first retro motorcross classic in the Carl’s Garage series...


“Carl’s Garage” - a ring a ding ding