Michael contacted me a few months ago, to set up a shoot ... We locked in a day and today we made it happen.

I got up early this morning, to make sure everything was ready to go in my studio, but the weather forecast was not very good.

There wasn’t a lot on the radar, but I was prepping myself that I would get a call from Michael, that he would like to postpone.

I tell people that when we set a day aside, for us to work together, that I do not want people riding in the rain to come and work with me.

I don’t like riding in the rain myself, so I certainly don’t expect anybody else to do it... Especially if their bike is as shiny as Michael’s is.

9:30 am came and no message and no Michael... It surprised me as I knew how keen he was to do this.

9:31 am and off in the distance I could hear the snapping and snarling of a beast cycle, coming into land. It was Michael and the rain was chasing him.

My roller door was open and in he rode... With each explosion of his engine, things in my studio were shaking in fear... Damn this bike sounds good.

My background in bikes makes me appreciate performance engines and when I hear a V twin that is as responsive to the throttle, as this one is, it is quite exciting.

Such a wonderful sound.

We rolled his beautiful bike into garage number two and set about creating these really cool images. It’s wicked lines and bling looked amazing in my new garage.Happy that I had captured a good collection of images for Michael, we rolled the bike down to the side of the road, so I could shoot a video of him riding away. My next door neighbours were sitting up on the front Veranda watching, as I filmed Michael roar off into the distance.

Gus is 90 years old and loves motorbikes... I looked up to see him with both hands in the air, cheering at the exciting exit, Michael had just given us!

That was so cool.

Thank you Michael for bringing this beautiful Harley to my studio today.

“Carl’s Garage” - where the pipes are loud and the tyres are melted

even coolerer...

The story continues on

The Shoots Archive #9

Nick asked if he could get a gift voucher for his Dad, to have his classic Hondas photographed...

“Hell yes” I said

For I have not shot very many Hondas, let alone vintage ones... in fact I haven’t shot any at all.

So it was with great anticipation, that I set up my studio, to shoot these bikes.

Three generations of Collins men arrived, completely unaware that I was going to photograph them as well ... and we began.

There have been defining moments in this series of images and photographing Ian’s beautiful Hondas, was definitely one of those. The styling, colour and vintage of the motorcycles, looked right at home in my old school garage.

They travelled down from the country to my studio and we had a great time creating these images. We laughed and shared stories and the time went by very very quickly.

Thank you so much Nick, for wanting me to create these images. It really was a pleasure to photograph these two classic bikes and your family.

“Carl’s Garage” - because seventies Superbikes rock

Talk about Mad dogs and Englishman in the midday sun... Today we had Real Estate and an Insurance man.... in the pissing down rain!

These mad bastards got on to their motorcycles, in torrential rain and headed north, 100 miles to my studio, for a photo shoot.

I rose this morning and had my breakfast and when I looked outside... It was absolutely persisting down... I knew that today was going to be a no- go for a shoot, so I sent a message off to Rob saying... Let's just reschedule.

There was no reply for about 20 minutes and he came back with... Sorry Carl was on the bike see you soon!!!

WTF ... Hard-core :)

I heard them coming in to land from quite a distance, MJ's bike has stage 37 everything and he spent most of the trip up to Newcastle in full drift mode, with the back wheel often passing the front one!

I pulled out a Chamois and some towels and we wiped the bikes down and got started.

What followed was one of the most relaxed, funny and enjoyable shoots, that I have had in some time. We laughed and laughed and then laughed some more.

When I finished the shoot, my daughter who was home today said... You had a good time Dad! I could hear you guys laughing from inside!

Thank you so much brothers, I really enjoyed myself today and I'm glad that you did as well.

“Carl’s Garage” - bitch please ....Rain..... pffft

Reg and Dusty, flew up the highway today on their beautiful motorcycles, to come and have a shoot with me in my garage.

Good men, great conversation and cool images were created.

All boxes ticked.

Reg’s bike had the most insane paint work... I think it was called Snake Venom and it changed colours as you walked around it.

A stunningly beautiful motorcycle indeed.  Dustin looked right at home on his faatboy as he was a pic axe across the

shoulders and looked like he could pick it up and carry it. A power lifter and a fine young man.

I like good people and both these gentlemen were respectful, friendly and excited to be in my studio. This was a great shoot and it went by very quickly, which is always a sign of a good time being had.

Thank you fellas, for wanting to come and be shot in my garage and for bringing your beautiful motorcycles here.

“Carl’s Garage” - Damn Straight

Tim‘s family bought him a gift voucher for a shoot in my garage. It took a while for the planets to align, but yesterday, off in the distance... I heard a rumbling beast, coming into land.

I opened up the roller door on my studio, to see this glorious motorcycle shining back at me.

Tim has built himself a stunning bike and I love all of the choices that he has made.

The gloss black plays beautifully against the pale yellow. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but you know what... I think it is bloody awesome.

I like different and this bike ticks that box.

Tim asked to be photographed in garage number two, as he wanted to see that bright colour against the dark greys of this garage ... and it was a good choice.

Brother, I really enjoyed our time together, you brought to me a concourse condition motorcycle... a bloody immaculate one actually... It was a real treat to photograph it for you.

Cheers Friends, I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend Carl

"Carl’s Garage" - For in 20 hours and 21 minutes I ride... And I am going to burn fuel and melt rubber, until my aching bones tell me it is time to go home and then I will burn some more ... on the way there


My brother Brad, never does anything by halves.

Today I got to meet his newest build... Fury!

No stranger to bright colours... Fury certainly stood out when we rolled her into my garage.

I am always in awe of people that can take old and broken down motorcycles and turn them into beautiful machines.

Brad is one of those people!

It is a sickness of course and he is five motorcycles deep into his obsession... I know some of you will think... Five, is that all!

But Brad builds special bikes, bikes that get people’s attention. When we pull up anywhere, they walk straight past my bike, to the one with the rude colours.

Every f#cking time....

Fury is a very tight, smooth and sweet sounding motorcycle. I can't wait to take her for a ride one day, out on the Magic Miles.

Cheers friends


a.k.a. the Sissy Bar Kid

Ian has followed my work for quite some time now and he gave me a call, to book in a shoot. The weather gods were smiling on him this morning, as he threw a leg over his Harley and headed north to my studio... A great morning to be out on a bike for sure.

For me, the people that I get to meet while creating this series of images, are as special as the motorbikes themselves.

Today was a perfect example of that, as the conversation that took place, flowed freely from start to finish.

Backwards and forwards we shared stories of life adventures.

Ian has a very cool backstory and a long history with Motorcycles... a bloody long history actually... They are in his blood and always have been. Those that know Ian, will know that it is a wonder he is still here actually.

Thank you brother for being so supportive of what I create and for wanting to be part of this cool series of images. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together today.

“Carl’s Garage” - His legs are scarred from hot header pipes

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of photographing three very interesting characters... Hairy, Matty and Batesy.

I heard them coming into land, from a few suburbs away, as they arrived in a group of 15 motorcycles... The walls of my studio shook, with the noise of the approaching pack.

That was cool!

Nearly 30 years ago, I photographed the National Run for the Bandidos... Hairy was there and it was great to reminisce, about what was a very cool adventure.

We started out in the western suburbs of Sydney and rode in along the great Western Highway, 150 motorcycles with me at the front, in the back of the President’s Ute, laying on a mattress photographing the pack... blocking every intersection as we went, not stopping once... all the way to the steps of the art gallery, where I created one of the coolest portraits that I have ever created.

Fantastic memories indeed.

It was great to talk about this today and to create these cool images for these fellas.

Thank you Chad for organising this brother...

“Carl’s Garage” ... Respect

Brad and I go way back.... I can remember when I bought my first motorcycle and I very proudly rode it down to his place to show him. As I was leaving, he ran back into the house and came back out, with his father's original leather gauntlets... He didn't want me riding without gloves.

I still have them... They are very cool.

Brad rode in on his new Triumph today and what a beautiful machine it is. I couldn't believe how light it was and Brad tells me that it handles beautifully. I really look forward to heading out to the Putty road with him one day and putting it through its paces.

I have some beautiful Motorcycles arriving here today friends.... stay tuned and have a sensational Sunday!

“Carl’s Garage” - keep on keeping on!

Darren contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if he could bring three of his bikes over for a shoot. Yesterday, we made it happen and what sensational motorbikes they were.

First cab off the rank was his beautiful Fatboy. As I have said before, I am a big fan of these bikes... There is just something I like, about their proportions and lines.

We smashed out some really cool photographs, then he jumped onto his bike and rode home to get the next two. I was very excited about the bikes he was about to bring over, as I had not shot very many of them at all.

I was not disappointed!

My dear old neighbour Gus, 90 years young... Loves it when I shoot vintage bikes and he waited very patiently on his front Veranda, for Darren to arrive with the two Nortons.

He came down to check them out and we stood behind the 750, as Darren kicked it to life, first kick of course .... the crisp explosions of exhaust, hitting Gus and I in the chest!

What an insanely beautiful sound the 750 made.

Parked up, Darren walked back down the drive to fire up the 500... a tickle of the carburettor two or three gentle strokes of the kick starter to prime it and with one firm kick, it exploded to life... Another exquisite classic engine sat before Gus and I, making the sound that only they can.

I even love the smell of old bikes.

I don’t get to shoot very many vintage bikes so I shot the bajingees out of these two. They sat into my garage like they had lived there, their entire lives.

The 750 is a very special bike, when you sit on it, you immediately feel cool!  seriously... With its drop bars and cool stance, it is just a weapon of amotorcycle.

Can you tell I liked that one?

The afternoon went by very quickly but I was exhausted at the end of it as I am all over the shop, when shooting bikes. Darren is a top fella and I enjoyed our time together.

Did I tell you I liked his 750 fastback?

So friends, as promised... Here be Darren‘s beautiful motorcycles ... Enjoy

“Carl’s Garage” - where that little Victa lawnmower looking lever is for decompression... And you use it!

There are those of us that ride and then there are those of us....THAT RIDE!!!

Craig is one of those guys... You know the ones... Rain hail or shine they are out there doing it. After riding 575,000,000 miles you would think that he would have had enough... But no... He just keeps riding

Today Craig brought his Harley Davidson to my garage and we created some really cool images together.

Thank you brother for bringing this beautiful machine to my humble Studio and for being such a cool and positive supporter of what I create.

I am truly humbled by this.

It has been a great day today, a creative day and I like those ones.

"Carl’s Garage" - oh my god, he is such a manly man... thank God there is only one of him

Can you tell I am in three bourbons deep as Craig brought me a bottle to enjoy this evening

Glenn has followed my work for sometime and he sent me a message afew days ago and said... I think it is time we got together...

This afternoon he arrived on this immaculate Triumph... :)

What a beautiful machine.

I have never been up close and personal with these bikes and when I threw my leg over, I was very surprised with how it felt just the right size underneath my lanky frame.

What a cool machine this is.

Super lightweight, crazy stopping power, short wheel base for mad cornering and wicked power delivery...

All boxes ticked

Thank you so much brother for bringing me this beautiful motorcycle to photograph.

Carl’s Garage.... Boofrigginyeah

When I asked Tony who got him the gift voucher, for a shoot with me, he told me that his daughter had bought it for him...

When he was asked what he wanted for Christmas... He said... I don’t know... I have everything!

Then, when he was scrolling through social media and saw my images, he thought to himself...

Why the bloody hell not!

Then he gave his daughter a subtle hint and today we got together and created these cool images.  More often than not, the people that stand before me, have never been photographed professionally... It is not something they ever think to do for themselves.

So it is really cool for me, when they see the images for the first time and see just how bloody good they look!

It was a great shoot today, as we both had cool stories to share about the music industry and living in Newcastle.

Thank you brother.

“Carl’s Garage” - here we go now

Cody jumped onto his Yamaha and came down to Newcastle, to spend time with his dad and today it was his birthday.

His father Danny, runs the most amazing Karate Dojo in the Hunter Region ... where my daughter has trained for many years now...

A quick shout out for Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre. A family run business and a great place of learning and respect.

Back to Cody... I don’t know about you guys out there, but when I was getting my license for the very first time, my Honda Hawk, didn’t look anything like this wicked Yamaha...

Seriously, the kids these days, are blessed for choice, when it comes to Motorcycles and this wicked YZF, looked sensational in my old school garage.

Sadly, someone backed into Cody‘s bike only a few days ago and he hasn’t had a chance to get the repairs done, but he still made his way here from Orange with smashed indicator lenses and a broken foot peg.

oh to be 17 again

Thank you fellers, for coming over this morning, I really enjoyed our time together.

“Carl’s Garage” ... Where family matters

Fatboys are beautiful Harley Davidsons, there is no doubt about that at all... but the one that arrived at my studio today, was absolutely stunning... :)

It was a real pleasure to photograph this bike and it changed colours, as I moved around to shoot it from different angles.

Flip-flop Paint never ceases to amaze me... It is such a clever thing indeed.

Joe loves his Harley and had wanted one for a long time and when this one came up for sale... He couldn’t believe what a beautiful machine it wasand what a great deal he got.

That excitement is still with him now, as whenever he rides it, people stop to comment on his bike and we all know how good that feels ... The pride wells up inside you... a very cool thing indeed.

Thank you Joe, for wanting to have a shoot with me brother and asking me to create a poster as well. It was a real pleasure to spend a few hours with you, creating these cool images today.

Well my friends, I have four more beautiful Motorcycles in the next two days, coming your way... Stay tuned

“Carl’s Garage” - Making pretty pictures is what I do

Today Jono road into my studio on this beautiful 1100...

He had been very keen to come and get some photos taken and told me that he woke up at 3 o’clock this morning, because he couldn’t stop thinking about today’s shoot...

How cool is that!

I love creating images for people and when they bring a level of excitement to my studio... It is just an awesome thing indeed.

Jono is a hard worker and several years ago, when he went to buy something for his motorcycle, he thought to himself... I can make that! Seven years ago, “Justified Cruiser Customs” was born and he makes cool stuff for custom bikes.

Brother, it was an awesome shoot today... I really enjoyed creating images with you and your story is a good one. I enjoyed hearing it.

I am four shots into the bottle of Turkey you brought brother... Thank heavens for voice to text, because I can barely see the screen.

“Carl’s Garage” - because Scotch Whiskey tastes like drain cleaner... Even the expensive stuff!

What a great start to the weekend.

Mark brought his Heritage to my studio today... What a beautiful machine. There are a lot of things I like about this bike... When everybody else is going fat and wide on the arse end... :)

Mark went 18 inches and skinny...

That is cool!

When we rolled it into garage number two... It fitted so perfectly. When I built this bench out of steel beams, I wanted it to frame the motorcycle. Today that frame was filled so beautifully with this bike.

Mark is a car and bike man... He shared with me some of the incredible vehicles he has owned in the past...

Some very very cool ones indeed.

Thank you Brother, for wanting to come and work with me and for sharing some of your story as well.

“ Carl’s Garage” - same bat time same bat channel

Pride is a very cool thing and when I can capture it in a photograph... It is even coolerer

Matthew loves Motorcycles and has ridden them for many years... You know those ones with knobbly tyres!

This be Matthew’s first road bike and he is very proud of it. He rode up from Sydney today with his mum and his girl in tow.

He wanted to get some cool images of his first road bike.

And what a beautiful motorcycle it is.

This morning I photographed a Heritage Softail and there was not much change out of 400kg... This bike weighed less than half of that and it was a real pleasure to move it around my garage for photographs.

I know I’ve said it before, but young people have the coolest bikes to ride, while they are on their P plates these days... Seriously!

This was a gift from Matthew‘s Mum for his 21st birthday... How cool is she!

“Carl’s Garage” - his milkshakes bring all the girls to the yard

Today I got to photograph two beautiful motorcycles owned by Trevor and Glenn.

Both Fellas had been given gift vouchers for a shoot in my garage and they arrived on their stunning bikes, bright and early this morning.

Trevor had been here once before, on one of the most beautiful CVOs that I have ever seen.

During the course of the shoot, we shared lots of really cool stories and photographs of past rides... These men have done some serious miles during their 20 year friendship and I loved hearing about those adventures and seeing the photographs.

It was a very chilled couple of hours that we spent laughing and talking and creating cool images.

Well... I was actually sweating my arse off, but it was still very chilled all the same

Thank you brothers for wanting to come and have a shoot with me... To know that my photography is appreciated is a very special thing indeed.

"Carl’s Garage" - Creating cool images for cool people!

And thanks Trevor for the awesome oil and grease tins and things.... So cool

Hello friends... Life, what a great adventure!

Each day I wake up, I never know what lies before me and I tackle it with a huge smile on my face, knowing full well, that every day is a blessing and that life is truly a great adventure.

Today I got to photograph a beautiful motorcycle and a man with a great story... those of you that know John, know the path that he has travelled upon and it has not been an easy one.

When I ask people to stand before me, I simply ask them to look at the camera, as our story is written in our faces and our eyes... today was agreat example of that.

Thank you John... I really enjoyed our time together today. Thank you for sharing your story with me and for wanting to get cool photographs taken in my humble studio.

This is why I do what I do

“Carl’s Garage” - because Life matters

It is really hard to get a present for a man that has everything and wants for nothing ... :)

Kylee thought to herself .... Bingo ... a shoot with Carl!


Today was Steve’s birthday :)

Today they rolled in on this beautiful bike, we laughed, took cool photos and shared great stories.

Steve and I both have very fond memories of our water cooled RD’s....wicked bikes indeed.

Thanks guys... I enjoyed meeting you and the time was well spent

“Carl’s Garage” - Click Click Boom!.... mic drop

Richard has followed my work for some time now, on social media and came around today, to get some cool photographs created, with his first road bike.

Dressed like a distinguished gentleman, he rolled up my driveway, with a big smile on his face.

There is an honesty to this young man... I bring people into my home to photograph them and it is nice when you meet young fellas like this and feel instantly comfortable in their company.

Thank you Richard... Our shoot together, was time well spent.

“ Carl‘s Garage “ ... Where whiskers are twisted and cylinders are often in pairs

Today I had the great pleasure of photographing Michael and Joanne. They had seen my work before, as I had shot some of their friends.

They jumped on their beautiful Heritage and ducked and weaved their way through, rain squalls and sunshine, to my humble studio here in Newcastle.

Pride is an interesting thing, it is a state of mind and heart. I get to photograph pride, when people arrive on their beautiful Motorcycles and that is such a cool thing.

Thank you friends for travelling north and for just being so very easy to spend time with. I really enjoyed listening to “my ding-a-Ling” as it belted out from my stereo and creating cool images like this for you. You guys rock!

“Carl’s Garage” - does it get any cooler?

It is good to be busy again... Thank you to everybody that wants to come and work with me and to those that already have.

I humbly appreciate each and every time, I get to create images for people.

Shoot number two for today, was for brother Graham and his wicked chopper. As soon as he rode into my studio, a big broad smile grew across my whiskery dial.

What a freaking cool motorcycle this is. The closer I got to it, the more detail I could take in.

Graham has built a tribute bike, to his fallen friends and their names are forever etched into the bike.

He told me that the last name will be his... but hopefully that won’t be forsome time yet brother.

What a character, we laughed, we listened to heavy metal music and we took photographs of this cool bike.

These are the moments, that make the “Carl’s Garage” series of images very special to me.

I like characters, I like big characters and Graham burst into my studio, with a huge smile and a loud voice... It was fun.

Lots of very cool Motorcycles heading here this week friends... Bang a gong we are on.

Love and respect


Wombat and Fleet, are on a road trip.

Two brothers, two motorcycles, a pocket full of $50 notes, making decisions on the fly.

Wombat told Fleet, that he was heading up to have a shoot with me and Fleet said... That sounds awesome, I might come for a run!

So they loaded up their bikes and headed my way.

Immediately I felt comfortable with these two blokes... Couple of hard- working, hard riding Aussies, out on an adventure... How freaking cool is that!

The shoot went by really quickly and then they were off once again. This time heading south... Destination... South Coast somewhere.

Ring ahead... find somewhere to sleep and then head there.

I need an adventure like this.

I think it must’ve been back in the 80s when I last went on a motorcycle road trip ... Long overdue I say.

Thank you Wombat for doing the miles to work with me brother.

It is humbly appreciated.

“Carl’s Garage” - Road Trip

Andrew gave me a call a few weeks back and booked in a shoot with me today.It is funny how the universe works. It was only in the last few days, that I posted some pictures of Ducatis that I had photographed and commented on how few of them, had been here to my garage and then today...

Andrew turned up with two of them! ... go figure

I might try that again... Let me see... I haven’t shot very many.... Vincent Black Shadows

Stay tuned friends, I will let you know how I get on.

Andrew is a hands-on sort of guy... and loves a good project. He told me today that he had just picked up a CB900 Bol’Dor. I was quite jealous, as this full fairing model is a beautiful machine indeed. I look forward to seeing this bike coming back to life.

When I spend a few hours with a person, it is always interesting to watch them relax into the shoot. The conversation flows freely and great photos are created.

Andrew is a good communicator... I like a person that can share a story and is also happy to listen as well... A skill some people don’t seem to have these days.

Thank you brother, I really enjoyed our time together. I love how both these machines stand out in my garage, in a completely different way... The Monster in a textured and mechanical way and the 916... Well it just stands out!

I couldn’t believe how light these bikes were... As you know I photograph all sizes and brands, but I was blown away with just how lightweight these bikes really are... No wonder they go like the clappers.

I hope to see you on the road one-day out there tearing it up on some corners Andrew. Thanks mate

“Carl’s Garage” - and as the windscreen melts and my tears evaporate .... leaving only charcoal to defend.

Bang a gong, we are on! It is Friday afternoon...Hallelujah, raise your hands in the air... Make some f@cking noise!

You've got to love Friday afternoons

I am heading into a hectic week of shooting and I had a lovely surprise visit today, from a dear brother, that I have known since my childhood. Noel has a long history of beautiful motorcycles and amazing cars. Too many to list actually.

He is a good man and a good friend

His Softail Deluxe looked awesome in my old garage I hope everybody has a sensational weekend.